Any geographic engineers out there?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Castleview, May 24, 2010.

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  1. I am in the process of joining the Army, and the role which really appeals to me is that of Geographic Engineer.....I have spent 9 years in civvy police as a detective but have 100 percent made my mind up to join the army (everyone has their own opinion on that!).

    I am interested to speak with anyone actually serving as a geo engineer, to get a bit more of an understanding of the role and what I can expect (other than a lot of classroom work I guess)
    all advice would be most welcome
  2. RMP, R SIGNALS and now RE? You want advice? Take a walk to the careers office.
  3. Thanks for your helpful comment. Having been to the careers office and awaiting my interviews I'm conducting research on my chosen career options so I'm prepared. Again, thanks for the helpful comment
  4. It is a decent trade though once you've done your B3 Combat Engineer course it is very unlikely that you will ever touch it again. There are a lot of very good and interesting posting out there for Geo Techs. Class Ones get a foundation degree. You will do things like produce large scale mapping (as opposed to surveying for construction sites), terrain analysis, 3d modelling etc. Not sure what employability is like on civvy street for Geo Techs is like though.
  5. Thanks for the above, it really is hard finding anything out about geo techs so all info is well received. Do you know what size teams they tend to work in when out in the field?
  6. I can't speak for 42 Survey Regt as I've never had any dealings with them as a unit. Normally each Brigade will have a geo det working in the HQ. This is normally quite small but gets supplemented for operations. There is then a Geo Det in theatre who support everybody but I don't know how many guys are deployed at any one time. Most reasonably well established Forward Operating Bases and Mobility Operating Bases will have a geo cell; these are normally one or two person cells.
  7. The Geo geeks at 42 Engr Regt have their own recruiting team. They run bespoke Geo insight courses for potential recruits. They will take you through, and test you, on everything you could end up doing. Get your careers office to contact them. If they (careers office) fob you off, go through the RE Recruiting team at Gib Barracks.
  8. that is really useful information, thanks, it's the first I have heard of a specific insight course. I will contact the office tomorrow.

    Thanks to all for the info, and any more you guys can give will be appreciated. It's one of those roles not really featured too much on any of the official or unofficial sites!
  9. Which careers office are you going through?
  10. Sunny Dover in Kent. I was the recruiter who suggested the role based on my competencies, and having found out what I can so far I really am interested. She could not really give me too much more info other than what is found on the armycareers website, but she did mention there may be places coming up......
  11. There is a RE Special recruiter based in the AFCO in Chatham. Ask your recruiter to contact him and he will have all the details and dates you require.
  12. It is obviously a while since you were in Geo then isn't it.
    The lads now deploy to every FOB in theatre, usually alone and quite often as a junior soldier due to a lack of numbers, playing a full role in FOB life, patrolling when required and stagging on when not snowed under with work..
    How do you get from A-B in your new all shiney infantry role. Who provides your patrol routes, IED mapping, compound mapping etc etc. yep that's right the geek. Hope all is going well with your new job - I do know who you are if your user name is anything to go by and seem to remember you weren't exactly setting the world on fire whilst you were at 42.
  13. If you want the civvy phone number for the 42 Recruiting Team pm me and I'll send it to you.