Any future Ghurkas or Paras?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tomwantswings, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Have a nice chat here!
  2. You might want to post this in Gurkhali as well, perhaps on one of the Nepalese forums.
  3. Im planning on going to 32 enginerr regiment (air assault) only thing im worried about is the milling! i can punch a guy but milling seems to be a whole differnt kettle of fish! and advice?
  4. I don't think you'll have any trouble when it comes to it- the aggression you'll have built up by then will be enough that you see it as just another form of exercise. I haven't done P Coy yet, but I've done a fair bit of milling, and you don't really feel it much at the time.

    You've so much adrenaline pumping through you, and you're so concentrated on hitting the other fellow that you really don't notice a lot of pain. Plus, as you're so close up, even though you feel as though you're landing heavy blows on one another, you really aren't hitting each other very hard. Milling's nothing to worry about. I'd focus your pant-wetting on the stretcher race.
  5. I wanna be a Gurkha!111 lol
    They is well hard.
  6. I think you might live to regret that statememt. My bold.

    Its still an event whereby you are assessed, go in like a girl and you will take beating not only in the face but on the score card.

  8. Alright, fair point- when it comes to P Coy, or infactanything for that matter, fail to worry about it at your peril. But if the guy's only real concern is over whether or not he'd be able to hit one of his mates, that mental block will either evaporate or it will stay with him, in which case he is not and never will be the kind of person the paras are looking for.

    Having said this, I reiterate that I have not done P Coy yet myself.
  9. Milling never hurt anyone :lol: ask Henry Cooper, what I used to hate was the chariot races over the ranges in ash pulling a 3quarter ton trailer with the PTI as Charioteer, mind you it was the good old days :lol:
  10. Well, Tomsmumhasbingowings is off to a flying start.

    Personally I want to be a parachute diving Gurka instructor.