Any Fusiliers able to help me find a relatives citation?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ViroBono, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. I am trying to find the citation for a relative of mine, the splendidly-named Captain Harding Latham-Browne MC, Royal Fusiliers.

    All I know about him is that he was 'restored to the active establishment' in 1918 (according to the London Gazette), and that he died in 1957.

    If anyone can shed any light I'd be most grateful.
  2. Gremlin

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  3. I take it you've downloaded his medal roll off the NA site?, If not here it is

    Intrestingly they have him listed as Hardinge Lathom-Browne, Brevet Major.
  4. Thanks, Blackcat - I hadn't seen it - and interesting to note that he obviously served in Iraq! Despite the spelling difference, I'm sure it's the right man. The family documents and the London Gazette have it as Harding Latham-Browne. However, now I've searched with the 'wrong' spelling I've found several more entries in the London Gazette - his promotions and the fact that he was the Adjt at one point, and subsequently commanded a Bn as an acting Lt Col.

    I will contact the Tower for the citation.
  5. Hi
    I was researching a relative of mine who served in the 4th bn Royal Fusiliers and came across your post from 2003. I have a copy of a letter written 24 June 1915 from a Captain Harding Latham-Browne to the widow of my relative informing her of her husbands death, its quite fascinating - I can send you a copy if you are interested Let me know
  6. I have a little info following my own research into the Lathom Browne's (my great grand father was a Lathom Browne.)
    on 26:04:1875 a Captain Hardinge Lathom Browne aged 35 of The Royal Horse Artillery was killed in a train accident at Esher |Station. He was said to be extremely deaf !! His body identified by his brother Robert Charles Lathom Browne (in holy orders at the time) the latter went on to marry Florence Chard who was sister to Lt John Rouse Merlot Chard V.C. of Rourkes Drift fame (film Zulu & all that) Lt Chard died 01:11:1897 from cancer of the throat. Coincidentallythe same fate that ended the life of Stanley Baker who played Lt Chard in the film Zulu.!! In an obituary notice relating to the death of Rev Lathom Browne in 1928 it is stated that his grandfather was Sir Charles Hardinge of Bounds Park, Kent. These are extracts from my own notes in regard to the Lathom Brownes. My G.G. Grandfather George Lathom Browne was a London based Barrister and authored many books including biographies of Lord Nelson & Wellington. His father in law was John Forbes Capt R.N. ret'd who served with Nelson (albeit as a junior midshipman at the time) at the Nile. Hope this is of interest.