Any Former R.E.M.E. WWII Servicemen That Were In Egypt?

I'm trying to acquire some additional army service information on my father's behalf for his upcoming 60th wedding anniversary and I'm wondering if there are any former R.E.M.E. servicemen that were stationed in Egypt during WWII.

My dad served in Port Sudan, Suez, Port Said, Cairo, Tell el Kebir, and Alexandria from Oct. 1940 to Aug. 1946 with the latter part of his service being in Iraq. He never ever received the medals due him and his army documents show he earned the "Africa Star", four "Service Chevrons", and he claims that there was a sixth medal issued to soldiers in his unit, that being the "Victory Medal" or something of that sort to commemmorate the war's end.

Would any of you know more about the "Service Chevrons" issued by the R.E.M.E.? My dad says that it was a bar of sorts with a four-coloured ribbon that was worn for convenience sake during service time but that afterwards medals were issued for each color (as per the info he received from others that got theirs). Also, what was the last medal given to these soldiers ... the "War Medal 1939-1945"?, the "Victory Medal"?, or perhaps the "Defence Medal"?

Please let me know if you have any info on this or if you know of any other source I can contact for exact information.
While I can't help you with the chevron question, if he wasn't awarded his medals at the time he is still entitled to them and if you contact the medal office they will sort out those he is missing.
I have recently contacted the Medal Office and given them copies of his paperwork but I haven't heard back from them yet except for when they sent me a Performa consent form for my dad to sign while they decide on his case.

Thanks for your help in this matter.


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