Any former Jargonites out there?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Corporal, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. Other than myself, ctauch, Rocketeer and the Brit's all time favorite Spam, Weatherman, are there any former Jargonites still out there? We seem to be a dying breed.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If you and Cletus would stop dumping your custard up each other and try women for a change the breed won't die out.

    On second thoughts I don't think the planet needs any more slack-jawed, webbed-toed, inbred banjoplayers, so crack on as you were.
  3. what is a jargonite?

    am i one?

    how do you join?

    blondy :)
  4. GI Jargon web site that is now defunct. Evidently they were held in low esteem by arrse.
  5. dizzy_blonde asked:

    1. a 'jargonite' is a survivor of a long ago shipwrecked group of military minded 'demeters' or 'dementia praecox' in most cases.
    These 'petite bourgeois arriere' or 'little arrsers' if you will...
    (pardon my 'french') once apon an old ammo can...'Sounded Off'
    about whatever 'scuttlebutt' bubbled up.

    The ship was torpedoed by tornadic toads...some of 'us' crew washed ashore here...some were 'lifeboated' onboard your ARRSE.

    2. You might be a jargonite if:

    you ever wanted to be a marine

    you never wanted to be a marine but still admired the uniforms

    you ever dated a marine

    you never dated a marine

    you hate marines

    you were ever near marines

    you got on with marines

    you found yourself on this little bivoac of a website where you could get a canteen cup of virtural 'joe' anytime

    you are a kindered spirit to active duty personnel...a vet...a first responder or (what you might call a 'Walt')

    You think Sherlock Holmes is a housing project down in Biloxi.

    You got stopped by a state trooper.
    He asked you if you had an I.D.
    And you said, 'Bout What?'

    3. You can now join 'jargonites' only in spirit (or at the hip).

    I Hope this helps...

    BTY with a handle like 'dizzy_blonde' you and 'cuddles' would have been welcome to come...
  6. oh yeah Blondie...a lot of jargonites 'ARE MARINES'.

  7. Thanx T6...
  8. Do you get out much at all Weatherman?

  9. thanks weatherman but i dont think id like being a jargonite!

    im not a walt, nor a marine lover or hater i dont think i would fit in!

    and me and cuddles im sure would have loved to visit occaisionally

    thanks again

    blondy :)

    edited because i spelleded it wrong THREE TIMES :(
  10. I'd like to think of you and cuddles having visited and having brought beer...
  11. and ducky has a point i think you need to get out more!
  12. they do oktoberfest in weatherspoons so i get two vodka's for the price of one


  13. an objevtive oktoberfest only requires coots consuming copious quantities
    of Koolaid or like imbibibition. No goosestepping nor duckhunting required.
    Although Lederhosen and Birkenstockers are tolerated...das lebhaft
    Fräulein are most willkommen!

    Es kocht in ihr!!