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Any former Defense Platoon 4 RGJ here?

Just that they keep getting mentioned....


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Not 4th, although I did a spell as Ds with them at Davies Street. I was 3rd.Bn


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boris7 said:
polishing my old Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry badge!!!
Redcoat! :lol:
Charging around the Oxfordshire countryside riding bikes armed with broom handles in 37 pattern webbing!.....(TA Unit)......gotta sore arrse from riding the bikes....so went into RAMC.....to ride QA bikes!!!!!!!!


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And they are the best sort. If my memory is still working.
Yes really should have thought for more than 5 seconds about what my name would be on here could have been worse could have picked woodswede :D .
Go to the TA centre at Aylesbury Bucks.......they still have all the old kit, so I am informed! to include WW2 issue condoms!...made by Dunlop!!!!!!!
Dunno how I missed this thread, but yes. I was one of the original two NCO's in the nascent platoon.

weren't they the ones who looked like the concert party in "It ain't 'alf hot mum"?
Ooh you bitch.

Gwailo (aka Gloria)

er, not that I am suggesting Beefy is old fat and hairy since he is twice my size and I may bump into him. :lol:

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