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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GunsaBlazin, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. This will have been touched on in other threads, notably the QM's good kit pages, but what the hell.

    I'm off this weekend (plus at least three more in the near future) on exercise with a bunch of new recruits.  I'm trying to put together a sheet of 'Handy Hints' for them so none of the stupid twits get hypothermia/form swirling admin vortexes/waste too much time.

     To that end, I thought I'd ask for the advice of all you grizzled warry types who have refined their exercise drills to perfection.  I've been going on (admittedly pretty slack) exercises with my unit for three years, and found that I learnt more about getting my self sorted on Cambrian training than from all of the rest of the exercises put together.  Since you guys do this stuff all the time, or in the case of the TA have been doing it for years, I figure you may have a few sly tricks and tips to stop my sprogs from causing me too much inconveniance.  Post away....


    p.s. Please try to keep the 'Join a Corp, get a wagon, sleep in wagon' type postings to a minimum. ;)

    p.p.s.  All their basic field skills have been/will be covered in their training, so only 'unofficial/non-pamphlet' stuff please
  2. 1.  If it's recognisable as British army DPM, it's in reasonably good nick, and it may be of use to them, then let them wear/carry/use it.  Nothing worse than spending hard-earned cash on bits of kit and being told "if it's not issued you ain't using it".  Understandable sometimes on ops, but on exercise, let them crack on.
    2.  Anything in your pockets, torches, compass etc - tie it to yourself with paracord or GHS.
    3.  Drill good field admin into them from day one. Concurrent activity especially, and all that other good stuff such as clean feet and weapons.  Remember also, there's always time for a brew, hot and sweet. (daylight permitting of course!)
    4.  Give a basic kit-list of neccesities.  Anything over and above, remind them they can bring what they want - but they're carrying it!
    5.  Lots of chocolate.  If they're the usual bunch of freaky-assed picky eaters, then for a weekend at least they can survive on chocolate.
  3. Cheers Foggy, the sphere would appear to be in motion.

    Keep em coming.

  4. Bungees x 6

    tent pegs x 6

    gortex socks if they fancy splashing out!

    gas burner - if the DS will let them!

    pan scourers - often over looked, but essential.

    decent gloves

    plastic sealable bags for their kit, notebook + a bin bag to liner the liner(and a spare for the gash)

    packing list for jacket, webbing, bergan detailing where you/the ds want things - can supply one if you require/pm me

    personal medi kit - plasters + antiseptic cream

    pen knife - no machete type things though!!
  5. Blazin, ref youre message to me, no probs.

    Metal Mug, saves using mess tins and you can chuck youre brew in to the hot water you just used for your yummy boil in the bag meal. If the DS are being Nazis about gas burners, the new Hexi stoves come with a metal mug attachment.

    1000 mile socks with army socks over them and plenty of foot powder on your tootsies, never had a blister since I started doing this. oh and double strike sorbothane insoles, only buggger of it is when they get wet.

    Hammer into them, from day one, that you only ever have one piece of kit out of your pouches/bergen at any one time.

    If they are serious about this army lark and can afford it, a Buffalo shirt is an absolute must have piece of kit, warmer than the fleece and about half the weight adn size when packed, plus it dries out quicker than a quick thing.

    plenty more I'm sure, good idea of a thread for us weekend warriors, I'm sure the Arabs can educate us some more  ;D


    ah and on the hygiene subject (see below!) King Of Shaves shaving oil is a godsend. available in boots and recently seen in local Tescos.
  6. Baby wipes - for quick removal of cam cream and/or giving the sweaty bits a quick wash if you can't let it all hang out.  Not as refreshing as a proper soap 'n' water wash but will do.  [One of the more useful things I got out of playing with the RHF out in Poland - the rest were insect bites]

    Oh yes!

    Insect repellant and/or mossie net.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    2xAA Maglite with red filter attached to combat jacket with string and a tiny carabiner
    Whistle (attached as above)
    Waterproof notebook and pencil (the old commanders battle book is ideal)
    Zinc oxide tape
    Lomatil or equiv (for shits)
    Ibuprofen (sponsors of S'Hurst)
    bog roll in re-sealable bag
    Haribo sweets
    superflame lighter (lights hexi a treat in all conditions)
    bungee to hold webbing pouches together
    bungee to hold jet packs together
    piece of foam for back of webbing (roll mat is ideal, but check with the Q before sacrificing one)
    roll of black insulating tape ('nuff said)
    length of green string
    ortlieb map case
    bum bag style bag for washing and shaving kit - this is really useful as you can sling it around the front of you and have your washing and shaving kit etc handy
    racing spoon - a good solid metal one

    I hope this helps,


    otherwise the 'one pouch, one item, close pouch' routine will prevent the retreat from Moscow style of kit loss in the event of being bumped...

    Mind you, I still remember the bloke who packed his pyjamas after the corporal said we would be getting loads of kip....
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. msr

    msr LE

    One more thing: you can get blank, TAM-sized, waterproof paper from Lansdale. Tel 01784  460793, they sell it in packs of 30 sheets.

  10. Freezer bags, of the resealable type.  Put spare clothing in, sit on bag to squeeze out extra air and then seal.  I remember once seeing the suggestion that you should take your spare clothing down to your friendly local butchers and see if he'll vacuum pack it for you!!!  V waterproof, minimum space used but not necessarily very practical if its just your t-shirt you want to change!

    And I'm sure that someone somewhere makes small brillo style pan scrubbers that are impregnated with washing up liquid.

    The King of Shaves shaving oil takes up much less space than a normal can of shaving foam.
  11. Thanks guys, all useful stuff.  Couple of questions, what are thousand mile socks, where can I get them and how much do they cost?  Does anyone know also where I can get a metal mug?

    And to thank you all, here's one I made earlier, an idea I nicked off a mate.

    Take one issue ammo bandolier (empty obviously).  Cut the threads that form the seperations between the 1st and 2nd, and fourth and fifth pockets.  Put your BCK in one of the uber pockets thus produced, and your wash kit in the other.  Put whatever you like in the middle small pocket (I put an extra FFD, or ibuprofen and plasters in there).  Hey presto, a durable, semi-waterproof, free, combination 'admin'  and medical pack.  Looks a bit Yeehah, but excessively convenient.

  12. Right then - kit list + where you should shove it - this is a recommendation only!!

    Breat pockets - Lighter, penknife (on a string), cam cream, lip salve, tissues / toilet paper, chewing gum / boiled sweets, FFD + BFAT aide memoire.

    Inside pockets - note book, map, TAM (part 1)

    Waist pockets - gloves, woolly hat, shemagh / face veil

    Arm pockets (if your smock has them) - Permi pens, maglite torch, spare FFD

    (Commanders should have all their cas/ammo cards, sitrep cards etc in their breast / map pockets)

    Left Ammo pouch - Mags

    Right Ammo pouch - Grenades / Smoke + cleaning kit (30 m of green string)

    Waterbottle pouch - Watter Bottle, mug, Spoon, puritabs, brew kit (in front segment), arc markers

    Utility pouch - Mess tin x1, Rations, burner, matches, lighter (spare)

    Respirator pouch - Respirator, gloves (inner & outer), DKP 1&2, spare detector paper

    Spare pouches - include extra water bottle + personal med kit

    bungee to hold pouches together + to the body and stop them bouncing around!

    Bergin + side pouches:

    Side pouches- Water proofs, spare rations, foot powder, spare socks, NBC suit, Bivvy Bag, spare batteries, (CWS)

    (commanders should also carry Nirex, additional command cards, string, mine tap, model kit + other command stuff)

    Bergin - Spare socks, underwear, spare combat trousers, spare combat jacket, sleeping bag, poncho, pegs, bungees, roll mat, norwegian shirt, spare t-shirt, fleece, hussif (top inside pocket),  polish + brushes, spare laces, wash kit, trainers, gaiters, ETH, spare batteries (radio).

    Commanders should also carry -  maps of areas moving through, TAM part 2, additional cards, sylums etc

    hope this helps.....
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    An old favourite of mine (as an inveterate idle beggar):

    lots of smallish plastic bags.  Slip one over mess tin, slop in stew/soup/whatever, eat, dispose of bag, tin clean.

    Best for range days, etc.
  14. Matt,

    get a grip!!!!!

    If the bottom of your mess tin gets dirty from the hexi, just rub it on the grass and all that nasty soot comes straight off.

    keeping your kit clean is NOT a drama if you keep on top of it all the time, don't let the mess/dirt accumulate over a period of days and you won't need to spend hours cleaning your kit at endex.

    Afterall it may not be too long till we don't know when endex will be, best start taking training a little more seriously than usual!