Any Fool Can be Uncomfortable

This will have been touched on in other threads, notably the QM's good kit pages, but what the hell.

I'm off this weekend (plus at least three more in the near future) on exercise with a bunch of new recruits.  I'm trying to put together a sheet of 'Handy Hints' for them so none of the stupid twits get hypothermia/form swirling admin vortexes/waste too much time.

 To that end, I thought I'd ask for the advice of all you grizzled warry types who have refined their exercise drills to perfection.  I've been going on (admittedly pretty slack) exercises with my unit for three years, and found that I learnt more about getting my self sorted on Cambrian training than from all of the rest of the exercises put together.  Since you guys do this stuff all the time, or in the case of the TA have been doing it for years, I figure you may have a few sly tricks and tips to stop my sprogs from causing me too much inconveniance.  Post away....


p.s. Please try to keep the 'Join a Corp, get a wagon, sleep in wagon' type postings to a minimum.  

p.p.s.  All their basic field skills have been/will be covered in their training, so only 'unofficial/non-pamphlet' stuff please
Don't pitch your basha in a field full of broken bottles ;D

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