Any flying boat fans out there?

Just finished an excellent book...

Wings to the Orient: A pictorial history of the Pan American Clipper Planes 1935 to 1945 by Stan Cohen. It's chock full of interviews with crew, their anecdotes, and photographs of the classics they flew as well as facilities across the Pacific. Boats

For those not of the traditional literary bent... this website offers some interesting stuff on the same subject. Enjoy!

Have to confess that I have always had an odd desire to live out of a converted flying boat... local air museum has a fully restored Excambian which sets my heart a flutter...
Being stuck in my current God-forsaken loc, I was unable to attend the recent extravaganza in N. Ireland, as Castlearchdale on Lower Lough Erne, at the old Sunderland and Catalina base.

A museum etc is planned, which sounds good.

IIRC, it was a (?) Catalina fron CArch which first spotted the Bismark when she broke out from Norway.

My late Godfather was the local parson and a keen yachtsman, who sometimes pull up some of the vast amount of tools, spares etc that were dumped in the lough at war's end.

Many incoming pilots and aircrew of flying-boats were lost on L. Erne, and a rich Yank sent a diving team to that loc, to try and recover his son's body. The divers refused to work, on account of "vast sharks". i.e. big pike!!
Probably was a PBY Catalina that spotted the Bismark... they were intrumental in many key events at sea. Certainly was a Fairey Swordfish that ended her run though by damaging her rudder... read an interesting anecdote that the battleship's (then) modern hydraulic AAA mounts were designed to track faster moving (then) modern aircraft and couldn't move slow and steady enough to put accurate fires onto the pokey biplanes.

Heh... the classic Johnny Horton tune "Sink the Bismark" was one of my favorites as a young kid (circa age five or so.) Mom would slap the headphones on me with an lp record of his greatest hits playing and I'd be out of her hair for a good hour. Flash forward a dozen years and I found some of his songs to be excellent cadences while marching my troopies. :)

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