any fitness tips?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by deathbaimuffin, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. im struggling to keep to any program to get fit for army. Im mostly worried bout my runnin n my press ups

    anyone got any tips or know what i got to be able to do in each bit at adsc so i can start working towards them? i want to be an ammunitions technition
  2. Don't be colour blind.

    Use the search function.

    Do more running.

    - Hope that helps!
  3. Although this has be asked/discussed plenty of time.
    being the helpful chap i'll advise anyway.

    Press Ups - Practice! ... Everytime you get up, everytime you finish doing the washing up/going toliet... anything do as many as you can. I usually go for about 20 eachtime.

    Running- Again, regular running. Go over your local field... and run at a steady pace for about an hour. Do it about 4/5 times a week. Along with your upperbody work. Allow yourself 2 day rest days a week. So your body can recover.

    Hope This Helps
    Syn :)

    (In future bud, use the search function at the top of the page else the mods will come down from their warm office and start dishing out front wedgies 8) )
  4. If your going to be an ammo tech... learn to sprint.... fecking fast!!
  5. lol that made me laugh! thing is im better at sprinting! my distance runnin is rubbish though

    thanks other people btw =]
  6. Do more distance running then!
  7. thanks =]
    do you know the amount of each i gotta do? bearin in mind im female if that changes anything :S
  8. What is your current physical fitness like? Post what you typically do in a week. The more (relevant) detail the better.

    As synergy states aim to build up to 30-40 minutes first, don't worry about pace, just maintain a steady jog. There's an 8 week program on that gets you from walking to jogging for 30min, adapt it to your current level of fitness perhaps.

    As for press ups make sure your technique is sound (hands shoulder width apart, elbows tucked in to torso, body level). Practice makes perfect, bang out a few sets through out the day; TV commercials, after a run etc. Progress will come with time & consistent training.
  9. Oh definitely my dear...

    If you are remotely attractive and of legal age just PM me for some (Cough) Personal training!

  10. Keep all your limbs attatched to your torso, never stuff beer tins up your clack (yeast infections, etc) and don't smoke, for God's sakes! Glad I could be of assistance.
  11. WTF did potential recruits do before the internet? I got a sheet of A4 to tell me to run. Then run more. And, when I'd finished, run a bit fcuking more.

    MODS!! Can we bin this constant 'WTF do I need to do to get in?......'

    Fcuking RUN!!!!!!! Jeez It ain't fcukling rocket science. Perhaps if the Army paid for a 20 sec ad at the front of all PS3 games we wouldn't have this endless loop.

    Run west young fcukng west...........
  12. I also have it on good authority that you're now given a 10 page training schedule by the recruiters.

    You're going into basic, not fcuking selection. Read what they give you and SHUT THE FCUK UP! When you're there, stay shut the fcuked up. Then, MAYBE, you might pass basic. Contrary to popular beleif, SAS do not talent-scout at basic. Doing a BFT in 3 mins is not going to get you there.
  13. you really do have the most flamboyantly gay sig line I have ever seen.Do you dress in clingwrap and swim in porta-loos for sexual pleasure?
  14. i can do about 95 sit ups in 2 minutes but about 42 going all the way up if someone holds my feet.
    last time i tried properly to do my mile and half run i made it in 16.14 but i completed it which is a starting point but i need to learn to run through the pain coz i did walk in some parts which pushed the time up obv.
    my press ups im really sturggling with the technique of doind them iv got some press up stands which i try and use at home but i get to about 16 n then die. at the gym im lifinting different weights on different things like on leg press im lifting 60kg which is the heviest weight im lifting n the smallest is either on pectorals or my shoulder press but i cant remember how much that is