Any fellow Arrsers going to Sweden in next few weeks?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ralf, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. If so When and what way are you travelling?
  2. Check PM's Mr D.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Not going now, but went a while back...ferry from some northern place to Gotenburg and then drove to Stockholm....great trip 2 weeks of tall leggy blondes with great accents.

  4. If you're flying to Stockholm. Try and go to Arlanda, rather than Skavsta or Vasteras which are both over 100Km from Stockholm.
  5. I live in the north of Sweden, well halfway up if you consider the length of the country! Ryanair fly into Skavsta and Vasteras, and there is a regular bus service to Stockholm right outside the terminal. The train services are very good, with connections directly to Arlanda airport and other destinations.

    I have travelled by road across the bridge from Denmark, an easy journey into Sweden, with very good road systems...I have also driven from Stavanger into Sweden, if coming through Norway, watch for the speed camera's and have money for the toll roads.

    My kids have just arrived in directly from Edinburgh to Arlanda, a couple of hours flight and then connections north. Depending on which airline you use, you will have some walking to do for connection to domestic flights. SAS and some other international flights use T5, SAS domestic operate from T4, T3 for smaller domestic airlines and BA (and others) operate from T2.

  7. Aye, I am over there in August 10-12th. Flying into Arlanda