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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank_6275, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. As bounty time is almost on the way i had thought about investing in a nice smock. After doing some research i had come across Special air sea services. it looks like they custom make alot of equipment and was wondering if before i spend £150 + on a jacket anyone has any good/bad feedback about them?
  2. They made me an excellent smock in OG Ventile as a special order. It took them about three months to get their act together because they had a load of cock ups with fabric suppliers. Probably not the usual situation though.

    They're not the best organised company to deal with but the quality is unbeatable I would say. The only slight gripe I have with my smock is that the foldover bit of the envelope style pockets isn't deep enough.. Note that if you order the inside map pocket option it is just a zipped pocket that you have to open the jacket to access - not the sort you can get at by just opening the storm flap.
    They are very keen on getting the right IRR material which will be relevant to you - didn't matter for me as I bought mine for walking and shooting.

    I had mine done with buttons instead of velcro for the cuffs and storm flap - this only cost an extra tenner and means you can have the zip open and the buttons fastened for ventilation in hot weather. Well worth the extra.

    I love mine - I'm sure you'll be pleased with yours.
  3. great! cheers for the positive feedback! always good to hear gd things specially when i get my hopes up that ive found a good supplier
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    They're great!!! Go for it!
  5. I have bought some kit from them in the past and had no problems from them.

    The smock i got from them was outstanding it lasted longer than my body would let it as i grew out of it so i passed it on to a friend who made good use of it as well.

    They even let me go to the factory to pick some of my kit up an try it on as i lived quite close.
  6. Brought a smock off them and set of webbing very good .Would recomend them unconditionly for their smocks .The kit karry smock is a bit
    odd and unless you need that many pockets I'd chose one of the others.
  7. I bought a kit carry smock off them, very good bit of kit, especially if your a sniper or if your in a Recce Platoon or sommot.

  8. Exactly if you need it buy it .If your just looking for a gucci smock
    there other products stand out less.
  9. Yeah, your right. I also got another smock they sell (i think is called the SAS Smock 2006 (modified)) and its done well for me every time i've used it and it works well when wet. shame the hood is mahoooosive and totaly beyond the point of use when on a CTR or something.

  10. Order the hood retaining tab and it shouldn't be a problem. Consider what the purpose of the hood is:
    To my way of thinking, in a military context, it's to pull up when you're getting your head down and you've not got a gonk bag handy - patrolling, OPs, LPs etc.
    I'm sure they'd make one without a hood to order.
  11. You get what you pay for, I've always found SASS to be a bit pricey, but worth it, they custom made a smock, well from the options on offer, & I've only just replaced, it aftre 10 years, with the issue 'modified' windproof. Their service has always been top notch.
  12. Only bought their hip pad for webbing. Excellent bit of kit if a little expensive but it does the job!
  13. well i was going after the force 8 smock as i have the new 2006 modified smock but its a bit too over the top with all the zips and extra pockets plus the hood is just so big its almost useless also was after something with the elastic cuffs and non wire hood
  14. Whats every ones view of this jacket? i find it to be a little on the heavy side. And i think the older winproof had better wind resistance. If that makes sense.
  15. You could carry out them two mods yourself with not too much effort required. The wire is easily removed and the cuffs are readily available from most surplus shops

    Try Smock