Any extra USEFUL things that could be took to ITC Catterick

Anybody recommend any extra things to take that may be useful?

Some people said bungees, not sure what they are or where to get them.
First Aid Kit, is it important? Any other useful bits?
Yeah got 20 hangers 4 Key padlocks 2 combi and some markers, is 8 really needed? thanks for the link looking on there now lampard.
A bright, easily identifiable keyring. I assume when having PT and drill maybe you will probably all put your keys in a bucket or something similar, keeping them all together. Having a bright keyring will mean you can find yours quicker.
The thickest most protective rubbers you can find for richmond and darlington... Infact, just take an nbc boot... x
darly and richmond girls are scags put it that way ;) all look like they already been for a quickie in the bogs ;)

wrap it up x 2

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