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Any experience: "Walking with the Wounded"?


Touchy subject, perhaps, considering - but it's recently been a case of where I've been asked [told] to get in touch (they are the only "charity" operating in my area within this field).

If this is the wrong place to speak about it, please remove the post and I'll mind my own in future. I've not been able to dig up much in the way of testimonials that aren't from WWTW themselves (all happy-clappy praise and song).

So I'm looking to see if, simply, contact with them has helped any more or less than any other group or meeting in which any persons may have participated.

My personal experience with such groups is that they are well meaning but usually don't help and - in one or two instances - have made things worse (elaboration only on enquiry).
Nothing's appeared to have helped so far and to speak to a nice lady at the docs about things for an hour every few months - you can almost see the eyes glaze over and it's not sympathy I'm after, which is all "standard" services can offer.

Before I submit to this, plus all the rest of the stuff the docs are wanting to do - I'd like to know a little more, and of course their site says they're all hard graft and compassion and assistance in ... whatever it is that anyone requires assistance with.

Simple "yes" or "no" is all that's required.
I'm not looking to poke my nose where it's not wanted or rub salt.

Only to know what I'm letting myself in for if I commit to the programme (because this year is 5 out and thing's aren't raining mana from heaven. Some of the lads round here choose to isolate, some drink a lot and tell stories, some have no problem adapting - I'm unsure about myself: I do all that).

I'd like to believe that it will be a good thing, as good things have been few and far between the past year.
But I'd like to hear not only the good things but the bad things. Also what to expect, if possible, as this has not been explained to me.

I'm the type who constructs the layout of the building so that they know the egress and examines the visability from inside and out without thinking about it - they call it hyper-vigilance.
It's why I do night patrol in this borders town with no real police, and caused the county police to redeploy through the MP so it is now only a 15 min. response time rather than 45 min. in the case some drunk kids decide to rip up a bin and throw it through a shop window at 0300hrs, only to turn and see me standing there saying "smile for the camera" - I'm gonna get in trouble doing that.

In 3 years in this place, I've caught a con-man (guy had been fingerprinted enough to wallpaper the CID office), intervened in a rape, broken up more fights than I can think, kids who hang at the market though I was the youth worker for 2 years until the buddhist and girl turned up and proved how ineffective they are (only time ever seen them), and the local plods (plastic coppers PCSO) are only out until 1800-1900hrs and, speaking with them, they consider it to be "enjoying a walk through a beautiful town" right before making themselves scarce just at the time they ought to be deployed to show some chevrons to discourage the ASB.

They're gonna slap me with an order to not get involved and do their job - because I'm usually there before they (or the private sec. firm) are at a commercial break-in - and, to be honest, specials here are glorified traffic wardens who wanted to be coppers but didn't make the cut.
The specials also need their hands holding by a real copper, who are in very limited supply. The MP and commissioner issued a statement following our meeting and the redeployment plan I proposed saying that "[the town] had been underpoliced to neglect.

Ultimately - it's the 1000yd stare mixed with constant scanning and it is tiring.

That's probably an overshare, when all I'm looking for is some testimonials or any "I've had a mate who..." stories, wrt: Walking With the Wounded.

(the wounds are no problems - even the nerves will have grown back in a few years, the doc says - but it's the head side of it, so I'm unsure if I'm taking the leaflet in my hand too literally... Scouring the web doesn't turn up much other than the official line, which is to be expected - I wouldn't talk about it in a public place where any one might read it and trace it back to me, either... secrecy is paramount, which is why it's important to dig them out. I've just never had to do it to myself before... so this is a daunting experience and my apologies if I appear agitated and am blowing this out of proportion).

I have had no dealings with them, or know anyone who has, so I cannot comment on how they work. I don't know (or need to know) about your situation, but why not give them a go? What's the worse that could happen? If you find it's not for you, move on a look for something else!
PS For what it's worth, becoming a "vigilante" is probably not the way to go.
Good luck.
They’re gen, Prince Harry says so.
The company I work for has had staff taking part in some of their charity walks over the last couple of years. Don't know much else about them though.
WWTW are an impressive charity and well worth looking at further. Besides the big profile fund raisers they also have strong links in with the NHS and have residential hubs in the North East and Leeds (I think!). They are well worth talking with.

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