Any examples of a civvy street culture shock

Bit of fun amongst friends that's all...what was your first culture shock on stepping out of the green comfort blanket?

I 've just left the RAMC and was sitting in my local Health Centre innocently waiting for a prescription...bit of a shock when I had to hand over a significant amount of cash (and had to go home for it!) just for a small tube of cream that clearly cost less to manufacture than the cash I handed over! Welcome to the 'real world' eh!


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I was fairly shocked at the general intolerance to alcohol and boozing most civvies have, the suggestion of a mid week piss up among work mates is heavily frowned upon and God forbid if you should turn up in the morning a little hungover.

I find this severely hypercritical when a large amount of under 30s in London, think nothing of spending a few nights a week sniffing chang off a toilet seat. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of people I know, who have absolutely no qualms about illegal drugs and make no effort to hide the fact that they dabble in it.

That for me, was the biggest culture shock on leaving the mob.
A suggestions to work colleagues that we tag team spit roast a 16 year old 6th former who rocked up here on work experience produced a facial reaction from the HR Director somewhat akin to a person sucking a lemon liberally smeared with a lepers excrement. And a written warning to boot.


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A suggestions to work colleagues that we tag team spit roast a 16 year old 6th former who rocked up here on work experience produced a facial reaction from the HR Director somewhat akin to a person sucking a lemon liberally smeared with a lepers excrement. And a written warning to boot.
So did you tag team her then?
The amount of people with their pants permanently on fire suprised me.

The first person I met at my first civvy job said 'Hiiiiii !!!! I'm ......, been here about 5 years and looooove it !!!!'

He obviously didnt love it the f*cking big woman, he slashed his arms to ribbons in his Mums bathroom before going off sick for months with stress all because I re-organised the maintenance schedules and streamlined the way we carried out PPM thus exposing him for the resource sapping, full of excuses lip wobbling c*nt he really was.
Yeah, working with MOD Civil Serpents prepares you for this transition to civvy street. Every Service Leaver should work along side them as part of resettlement. Things to adapt to are:

I can't do that/I won't do that.
I am working flexi-time (an excuse for arriving late and going home early).
I'll report you to my line manager/EO adviser/union rep!
I don't work weekends or Bank Holidays.
I'm taking time off in lieu!
What do you mean my dog can't stay with me in the office - don't you like animals?

Or the sound of: Verrrrrrrrrrruuuussssssshhhhhhhh! A Civil Servant going home!


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I must say since leaving, I have found it particularly difficult to sympathise with others who haven't had a sense of humour beaten into them through the rigours of military life.

''Boo ******* hoo, it's raining and I haven't got a brolly.''

''Dear oh dear, my missus left me because I was gash in bed.''

''Oh no, I had to stay in the office until 9pm last night.''

''Shock horror, it's snowing/too hot in the middle of summer/winter*'' (Delete as appropriate)

So ******* what, man the **** up and get on with it.
I think you are confused - it's Army officers (retired included) and seniors who insist on having their dog in the office. civilian companies would have a connery if you suggested dog-in-the-workplace routines!
Disagreements on various topics doesn't mean I fecking hate you for ever and want to destroy you....they mean I have a different opinion to you!
The lack of interest in outcome as opposed to process. Why is 'intent' such a dirty word?
The attitude of "it's not in my job spec to do that".
Calling me mate, I'm not your mate, you have not yet bought me a pint and you will not call me mate until you do.
If your work time starts at say, 0830, be there, 0835 is not your start time.
Yes, I do drink alcohol faster than you, but no, I'm not an alcoholic.
If you wear a suit, try introducing your shoes to polish every now and again.
Why are they shocked when they question you about army life and you tell them about naked bars, freckles and whoring it about BAOR/BFG.
The shock on the faces of people when you ask if their sister/mother/pet hamster likes a length or two.
Culture ? "Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver". Often attributed to Hermann Göring
That they don't use swear words as nouns, pronouns or adjectives.
And may God forgive me for asking you to work 30 seconds into your tea break.
Not being able to tell those above me at the christmas bash what I thought of them without repercussions, the new department was much better though so no lose.
Maybe my experience was a rarity or more likely it was the type of work I did after the forces.

Moving on from a military engineering trade to the supposed same trade as a civilian, brought home how far behind the military is in regards to technical and practical ability.Over a decade spent using my trade every day in the army, gave me little more than a foundation course when doing it for real with proper equipment and very switched on crews.

But I did discover that squaddie humour simply does not translate to anyone who hasn't served,witty stories about amputee prostitutes, pad shagging and anything at all involving bodily waste is a complete no-go.
I have been out for 11 years now, and moved to Canada (not Medicine Hat!!!) In that time, no one I met I considered a good friend who was on the same wavelength as me. All the people I hung out with were my wife's friends. 4 years ago I met through my current job a former technician with the Canadian Forces, It is sometimes scary how much we get along and think alike.

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