Any ex/serving linguists (EWOPs/TeleOp(Ling)/OPSI(ling)) ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by _BGC_, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. I've lost contact with nearly everyone I once knew. Either they all flucking hated me or I just need to get out more often!

    I've been trawling these board for a little while and suspect I detect and know some of the personalities lurking behind some of the usernames.

    No suprise there seeing as the trade group was always so small.

    Has the old MSN List for ex-sigs linguists run by Lee Brewer/Mac MacGregor been disbanded?

  2. Without being too cynical I think this thread is in danger of being the 2nd most pointless thread after last week's "Has anyone heard that 'MAD DOG from Squad XXX has got married". JEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ
  3. I have also lost touch with a number of my old DI 24 chums and would be interested in restoring links again. Please count me in old boy!
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  4. Nice one! The last time I saw the letters DMI I was sat in the turret of a 432 bombing around the cross country course at Bovington!
  5. MAD DOG has got married? Why did no-one start a thread on this? You can mention what squad he was though!
  6. it's not that mad dog, it's another one.
  7. No he meant MAD DOG not mad dog. Please see the
    "Following Bushmills reated incident, famous person on variable engagement sends armoured christmas box to MAD DOG at RAF St Athan via Non Corps SO2 G2; transferring in, Special Operations poll" thread by Jeremy Otter, the fittest bird in the Corps.
  8. Thanks mate, CR always needs the simple things explained to him very slowly....................
  9. Cheers guys, bored were we?
  10. apparently Crazy Horse has split up with his missus too. anyone know any more details?
  11. Purely F6 at the moment CR..........

    BGC - Always a bit of ribbing when you come on this site - particularly from the more established members like CR !!!! :)
  12. Mmmmm, obviously during my re-aclimatisation into Civvy Street I've forgotten what funny wags you lot all are.

    Did I say wags?
  13. ok, i've checked with everyone you once knew. they all said they flucking hated you and that's why they've not been in touch :)

    welcome to arrse. allow me to introduce you to some of your new friends.

    whiskeybreath, retread2 etc - SPEAK LOUD TO THEM, THEY'RE VERY, VERY OLD. their grandchildren showed them how to use that magic box in the corner with the moving pictures, and now they won't just retire gracefully.

    subsonic - a man with hidden depths and millions of contacts outside. which is why i pretend to like him - saves calling ICAREC.

    iknowyourname - deeply disturbed, sexually confused, bless him. keep both feet on the floor and your back to the wall and you're probably safe.

    glad its all over - earning millions, tries to throw us the crumbs from the table occasionally. but forgets that we all love the corps and would not dream of getting out just for pop star wages.

    THE_EDITOR - spends far too much time on here instead of getting me brews and biscuits. see also chintonboy and manicB.

    Next to the Tank - Big Sister is watching you :)

    slightly_nasty - has lots of tpynig erorrs becusae his f*cking great moustache blocks his view of the keyboard.

    - extremely busy bloke, works extremely hard, and as a result hardly ever posts anything. he especially does not come on here and respond to about 15 threads in a row in the space of twenty minutes. not ever. don't bother PMing him after 1430hrs, he's gone home.

    CrapSpy - i would say something complimentary, but Mr WalletMoths still owes me a bottle of port. :)

    eye_spy - used to be a regular, now more busy with nappies and ragheads. but he'll be back with us when he gets that swedish au pair he dreams of.

    howayman - so tall, he apparently has to lay his monitor flat on the desk just so he can look down and read what he's typing.

    dozybint - sporadic visitor, the only one to see through BARBGENIUS. cocky bitch :)

    g2loonybin - his wit is more shotgun than rapier, and he clearly dreams of being incarcerated in an all-male prison. scathing to newcomers. which i like.

    petriburg - tends to post in fits and starts, due to his sporadic employment advising on the new james bond film.

    various other darksiders (perevodkachick etc)- 000111010101001011001010001010010111 :)

    pigletfiles, doublecrease and all the other regulars- i told you it was £5 to get a personal write-up, your cheques have still not been received. PM me with your mitigation if you want adding.

    and of course Davros and Cpunk. i would never say a bad word about them, as they have the ability to change my posts to include the words "i love being bummed by 3 Para mortar platoon"
  14. Thanks CR, at least I know what I'm dealing with now!

    I'm actually being a bit of a fraud by posting on this board as I never wore the green hat of slime, managing to cling onto my jimmy with the integration of the old sigs linguist trade into the Int Corps happening about a month after I left in 2001.

    Still onwards and upwards.

  15. Christ.. who needs the edit button?!