Any ex-Regulars give me the honest heads up on the TA?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PullUpASandbag, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Just left the Infantry after 8 years, never thought I would admit it but........fcuking miss the bloody place like you wouldn't believe!

    Never thought I would admit this either but seriously considering joining the TA. However the only thing holding me back is what it actually is like, keep getting a picture in my head of a load of fat useless civvy fcukwits with webbing like an RLC lorry driver and the tactical skills of the ANA, read too many books and watched Military on Sky channel 531 too much.

    Would appreciate a heads up from any ex-regular infantry lads who contemplated (and did) the same?
  2. If you've done a tour you have probably worked with TA soldiers already.
  3. Never had any TA infantry on the ground with us, seen the TA camp wallahs in Bastion and Shaibah
  4. Why not re-enlist? But otherwise, we have a number of ex-regs in our company, they seem to get along fine. Its not the same - how could it be - but there are plenty of good, well motivated senior toms / NCOs to work with plus some keen young recruits who will respond to some decent advice and coaching. Its up to you, if you are prepared to roll your sleeves up and make a difference, you'll enjoy it, if you are just going to bitch about how great it was in the regulars then you won't. If you want an op tour, you can FTRS as an IR or mobilise and go with a formed coy or pl.
  5. Think about re-enlisting every day but you've got to give civvy street a bash haven't you? Can't just cave in after 8 weeks and go running back. Its an option and will always be an option and the tattoos and the memories will never go away but was looking to see if the TA could be some kind of halfway house between still being involved and connected to the military and also a normal family man who doesn't work the last 7 weekends on the trot (as my old muckers just have done!).

    Still look on the US website when I get a spare 10 minutes on the internet to see what pouch options I would go for next time round! Still think some of those Blackhawk pouches are a work of true art!
  6. So you want to join the TA because you don't want to work weekends? I think maybe your view is slightly off here. If you want to keep involved, you'll work a lot of weekends.
  7. Don't want to work weekends? I'm pretty sure you lot don't bang out 7 weekends on duty in a oner? And this in between tours of the 'Ghan. There is being a TA weekender and there is being a Regular who in his 18 months off in between tours where you will take casualties knocking out 7 weekends 200 miles away from home stagging on or on RAAT tasks in Ceilini village.
  8. Are you looking for a bite here? ;)
  9. Why not just pop in to a local TAC and see for yourself. We've had a few over the years weighing up their options by visiting all the local units, some come to us some go to other units.

    Might be an idea to join something different to inf though. That way you won't be going in with a ' know it all' attitude, I'm not suggesting you would by the way.

    Being ex-reg I found it quite easy to gel with the lads and lasses in my unit, they (mostly) have the same sense of humour as regs and work just as hard, if not harder when they need to.

    Expect numpties though, just like the regs. Every unit has them reg or TA.

    Good luck with it.

    Edited to add that I've just pushed out 6 weekends on the trot and worked a full time job during the week.

    And no, that is not unusual. I worked most of September/ October without a day off made up of annual camp, weekends and exercises abroad.
  10. Are you looking for a bite here? ;)[/quote]

    No son, just not having it even the keenest TA bod knocks out more than 3 weekends in a row.
  11. Iv'e been out coming up 10 years next April,I served 12.There's not a day gos by without me thinking about my past or boring the tits of the wife/friends/work mates of with tales of skull duggary,debauchary and area cleaning which is the life in the infantry.
    Would I go back? Would I f uck. Would I go to the TA?, no f ucking chance.
    I can see where your coming from though,but could you see yourself digging trenches on a Friday night in Otterburn?
    If you fancy that,why the f uck did you get out?
  12. PUAS, read my post ref number of weekends on the bounce.
  13. Including the TA bods on FTRS/attatched to regular units? Or the huge number of TA personell on operations? Or the TA bods who work jobs that require weekend work, who then go on to do their TA duty on the weekends that they have off inbetween work?

    Are you sure about that?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Then you will have to make a large adjustment to your preconceptions.

    You've come to this forum to ask for advice and are already coming over as 'larging it'.

  15. Whats the crack with the kit? Like a twit with an a in it I went and sold every bit of Gucci kit I'd accumulated over the years to the crows for knockdown prices. As a very wise man told me in basic training, "if you've got crap webbing, your a crap soldier. A good soldier will not allow himself to wear poor webbing!" I'm not having it that they give you a full scale issue?