Any ex RCT out there



My Dad was in 15 squadron (unficyp) rct in Cyprus Jan - July 1991, I noticed you have put 15 Sqn 90 - 93 would you have been in Cyprus the same time as my Dad?

Please let me know.

Yes was there on that tour.
Landed 2 January 1991 .
Cpl Brownlee
I was there kid,1965. You took your life in your own hands when you got that patrol on guard,I always used to run fairly quickly around the bottom end of the MT compound.Chippys at the weekend? 8)

Re-badged in 20 Coy,London.
Started my Driver training at Yeovil in March 1964 then to Aldershot for the 1st Radio ops course in the RASC,August 64 to 12 Flight AAC, Rebadged to RCT in March 1965 then to 131 Flight RCT Singapore and so it went on for years.