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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mostyn, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. I joined the RAOC In 1976 and was posted to Bicester, Soltau, BATUS, Kineton, Paderborn and Osnabruck, I took phase 1 voluntary redundancy in 1992. Anyone at any of those units between 76 & 92? (the worst posting by far was Bicester btw, what a shyte hole)
  2. Hi, yes there are some of us about.... Try for around 450 of us!
    A 'few' of the AT's on here are also ex-RAOC but you do not see many of the other trades.
  3. Yes, I'm one... 1979-82
    served at 3 BAD Bracht for most of that. would like to know the were abouts of Baz Falco..
    I have heard he his now Capt Baz Falco serving with 7 Tpt Regt some where in Germany. can anyone throw some light on that? if so how could I get a line to him?

    also would like to know if anyone has any imfo on Jim Burkett. Tony (Kileer) Wilde and Jock Whishart.
  4. SUA TELA TONANTI......None of this pathetic Really Large Corps crap! Served 1963 - 1988 and proud of it. Served in Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Libya, Bahrain, Canada and Benbecula! We Sustain, MY ARRSE!
  5. 1961 to 68 - Sua tela tonanti mate - but not ammo tech !
  6. dels...funnily enough, I met Capt Falco a couple of times while in Iraq last year. Well, I say 'met', I mean that he came in to chew the fat with our QM now and again whilst I sat in the corner trying to look busy. I do know that he was with 7 Tpt Regt, who are now based in Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld, BFPO39. Can't imagine there are many Capt Falcos there so a letter should reach him I suppose...
  7. I can see you posted this some time ago by hey time Flie! Thought you may be interested in this, I was in the British Army in 3RTR in Paderborn in the 80's, thus No real knowledge of the RAOC, other than knowing about your dishonour on the cap badge :-D! BUT: I know Baz & Kim Falco! Not through the Military, but through school Friendships of my Son Alex and his Harry, in Darwin Australia, (in fact both those Boys are in the Australia Army now). The Falco's use to live in Darwin, for serveral years But they have now moved to Canberra, due to Baz's work! Baz is well above Captain now and studing further development at the Australian Staff College!

    My wife and I are still in contact with them, so if you have not managed to get in contact let me know

  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yep, I was at one of those you mention over the period you mention.
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Dishonour of the cap badge? Cheeky barsteward it's purely heraldic no dishonour at all.
  10. Balls!!! canon too big to fit type. Anybody got the NSN.

    Good to see you back General M.
  11. Worked a lot with the Rag & Oil; 1978 onwards.

    17 VSD at Ayrshire Barracks, 3 BAD at Bracht, and at Wulfan.

    And the stale bread factory at Viersen

    You load it we will haul it by rail.
  12. My best and worst posting. Was there until it closed, although I got away a few weeks before they actually locked the gates.

    My second most alcoholic infested posting.
  13. Bracht was a excellent railway depot to work, especially if we had access to the main line down into Klinkum sliding's.

    The Sgt Mess there was a bit strange as I had to stay there for a few days. I was totally ignored for the whole time I was living in as they thought 'Sergeant of Train' was a similar rank to 'Corporal of Horse'!!!!
  14. I cleared the Demolition Area at Bracht of fuzes after the closure. Lots of them. L14 VT fuzes were blown -up and then buried there. All 10 pallets of them :)

    Happy days.
  15. Guilty - did Paderborn, Kineton also Wainwirght in 92 with a coupler drives down to Batarse for replen of kit- Possible I staggered past you on occasion.long time ago now ...