Any Ex-rankers?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Zarathustra, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Evening all,
    recently I've been taking a good look at my career and where I want to go, and I'm seriously considering applying for a commission.

    I'm fairly happy with the process and who I need to speak to if I decide to go through with it and I can find out all the info I need about the commissioning course etc where I'm working at the moment.

    What I'm looking for on this thread is advice from people on this site who have commissioned from the ranks. I.E. what sort of stuff you wish you'd brushed up on before starting the selection process/commissioning course, how you found it once you commissioned and pretty much any other tips that people might like to share.
  2. What capbadge? The process is slightly different in each one. Most are variants of RCB - leadership tasks, essays, discussion groups, interviews, decision-making exercise / appreciation and then hope for the best.
  3. Without knowing your capbadge, all I can say is that the LEOC was, for me, brilliant. Don't worry about it, and take it in the spirit.

    Otherwise, all I can say is in my cap badge the distinction between LE and DE is pretty slim. Therefore promotion prospects are good and I would encourage anyone in the bracket to apply. However, I didn't brush up on anything, I put myself forward as is, no gamesmanship no bluff, because if I wasn't acceptable then fair enough - I have done 30+ and been a RSM - and if that doesn't fit they selection I would pretty quickly sink.
    As it happens I spent the first 9 months as and LE, as an acting Maj on ops, and I suspect most LE's could do the same.

    So what am I saying - If you've been selected then you have the experience and confidence to the job as a Capt, and trust in your instincts. Failing that phone a friend and use the LE network!!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys (heh that rhymes).

    I think I may not have made myself clear in my original post, I'm not applying for an LE commission I'm considering applying for a DE commission, I've only done 8 years so still have a few years and a few ranks to go before I could go LE
  5. You would make an excellent DE officer as you were not at all clear in what you were asking and therefore wasted peoples time. There are two kinds of 'ex-rankers' in the British Army, DE and LE. If you were after advice on DE commissions from the ranks you should have articulated that.

    So go for it, you fit in already.
  6. God your so far up your own arrse you :roll:
  7. Meanwhile in the Bat cave...
  8. Bell - end.

    Take RMAS as it comes. Get V fit before you go, keep up to speed with current affairs and if your written English is a little ropy, do something about it. Enjoy, remember where you've come from but don't look back.

    At RMAS, in the first term, don't jack on others with the basics - some (not all) OCdts will not have any mil experience so give them a helping hand - you might need some of their help when it gets a bit more academic.

    Go luck.
  9. I agree with ADUX and dont worry if you are ment to get through you will...
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Oi - Git.....

    Talk to me next Saturday ;)
  11. Can't comment on the LEOC as I went through just before it came on line.

    Takes a little while to start thinking "like an officer" rather than an SNCO - trust me it is a different thought process entirely. Oh, and if you are one of the folk who think that WOs/SNCOs do far more work than officers do, prepare to be very, very shocked (and very, very busy).

    Attitude to you depends on cap badge but mine are ok. The worst snobs can be fellow LEs who can't get past the "I am a better LE because I was a WO1 rather than a WO2 or Staffie when I commissioned". I usually leave them to it.

    I personally love being in the Officers' Mess. Better than the Sgts' Mess? Can't say, they are 2 totally different beasts.

    Hope that helps-all views are my own and anyone who doesn't like it can rod off (another, small perk of being an LE is that all junior and many senior DEs are sh1t scared of you even if you are a mellow old soak like me!)
  12. Read previous posts mate, apparently I am a bell-end for pointing out poster was not too clear in what he was asking - ie DE commission, not LE. Could have saved yourself five minutes had he been
  13. D'oh!

    Still I may have been of help to others-on with life
  14. Will you be staying in the Grens after DE??

    Have a chat with Capt Dave G, he will be able to offer some good advice!
  15. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You coming for a Sherbert on Saturday mate?