Any Ex-FCA out there?

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by bohs_man, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Or indeed RDF?
    Spent a couple of years with A Company, 7th Infantry Bn in the early 90's before taking the B+I ferry. I am led to believe that there has been some major reconstruction over the last few years, better weapons, clothing and euipment etc.
    So how does the RDF compare to the FCA, i take it the old FNs,Bren guns and Carl Gustavs have long been retired?
  2. I'm former Air Defence, 2 Battery. There have been some major overhauls. I was in during the change over, my intake were the last to use FNs and amongst the first to train on Steyrs. It was still a little all over the place training wise, but we were the only intergrated unit. Or HQ and 1 Bty were PDF. A workmate in a different department assures me training is now syllabus based and structered and the PDF lads are more onside with the RDF. Still no deployments or even domestic duties, Cash in Transit and the like are still no goes. I volunteer with another thingie now, Civil Defence, there's a lad who just started with the RDF in with us. He's in a differant syndicate (fancy name for training cycle, maybe you knew that, was new to me), but if I get the chance I'll pump him (say nothing,not the NAAFI) for some info. Always nice to meet a fellow sandbagger!
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  3. im sure there is plenty of new kit.. but we nevr get any of it!!! have left now and in the process of joining in britain.. belive it or not recruits were still being trained to use the bren up until late 2008!!! there was an attemt to intergrate RDF units into the PDF. in theory we were supposed to return to our original RDF unit and pass on all our new training but typical RDF NCOs wanted to hear none of it, prefering to laze around and wonder why no one respected them as soldiers. the huge difference in proffessionalism between the 2 organisations was enough to turn me away from the RDF.
    Some RDF do go on operations, only individuals with specific civvie quals that were needed. The intergration was supposed to give the RDF chances to tour, but again they fucked that one up for themselves( to be fair it was not everyone, just enough). I did get to do domestic duties though. Mostly 24hr shifts with the PDF at the gate of local barracks and some lads got to do transit details. not much i know but people wernt willing to try make it work.
    Now the whole intergration thing has been completly scrapped because of the poor co-operation between both groups. an example being i was ordered by my pdf unit to return to my QMS with a list of kit to be issued ie magnums and webbing, and his response was to refuse because A) pdf are scum B) i was scum for intergrating and C) kit isnt issued to scum. What a great attitude.
    So i said feck this, if im gonna put up with bullshit i might as well be a real soldier.
    This is meant to offend no one either. both rdf and pdf are full of great lads who a had a great laugh with.
    also selection for ARW is open to RDF too.. wonder has anyone ever made it through?
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  4. Ex 11th Cav here. Now in the 11th Cav. Difference is that the American version is rather better equipped...

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  5. I was in C company in the same battalion bohs_man. Back when I was 28 years younger and about 5 stone lighter :) It was actually .303s when I joined though seem to remember us being allowed to play with FNs more and more frequently as they were phased in.

    I wonder will the RDF survive the current era of austerity - it's a prime target to be cut, unless the Brits or Krauts are going stump up the cash. Even, the PDF are likely to be slashed right back.

    When I was in it many of the lads went on to join the PDF, the Gardai, Her Majesty's forces and other overseas military forces (US, Australian etc) in that order. Even had the odd nutter going on into the FFL apparently.
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  6. Did you get to drive one of these?;

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  7. Collins barracks? Only ever been in there once when it was open as a barracks, we had some Battalion parade or some such.
  8. Not ex-FCA still serving and love it.... eh equipment wise ye were a bit further on i was in the last platoon coming through who got the pleasure of usin the Bren before it was phased out... great gun minus the limitations of the magazine which the GPMG doesnt have all in all every weapon has its flaws (feckin bi-pod on the GPMG unhookin itself on parade but to mention one)

    eh the reserve have access to old PDF kit now including Webbing, Helmets, Bergans although there all fairly worn but were happy to have them we also get to do alot more than the old FCA did from what i know... theres always something on be it Orienteering competitions.... Tabs in the Wicklow mountains.... Ab sailing... Rock Climbing... and were used for Guards of Honor for The President and for Remembrance of Deceased members we also to weapon cache transports, 24 hour guards on barracks with the regs and we can train in on pretty much everything a reg infantry soldier can be.... including signals, LSB, artillery, air defence, medics and even military police although i try not associate with them.... anyway was lucky enough to go on integration which was an eye opener shame they cant afford to run it for the lads comin through now

    Basically the ethos is still there... were still part time soldiers and dont think of ourselves as any more than that we put in 100% if were workin with the regs on there YO's or POT's courses or if were just playing enemy we give them a go.... of course u always have bags of ham as ya do in every army.... reserve or regular but thats just life.... if ur still able bodied ya shouldn't be afraid to come back up
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  9. Well I am former 11th S&T and currently Tpt Coy 62 RLSB.

    Some things have changed a lot but others are much the same.
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  10. i was A Coy 7th Inf in McKee and i too joined the British Army.

    did we share the same Nissen huts on a Tuesday night by any chance?
  11. Very possible,there were one or two of us who left for the BA.
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    No you didn't, you left to join UPS.
  13. Quiet you!
  14. What years were you there mate? Feel free to PM.
  15. i was A Coy 7th Infantry in McKee from '87 to '88.

    2 of our very good FCA Corporals left to join the Irish Guards, and i joined the Royal Green Jackets in '89 because i wanted to serve in Northern Ireland.

    i've still got a house in Arbour Hill, and i'm still serving in the British Army - the best decision of my life.
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