Any ex-DWR about? This might interest you.............

.........this group of medals (Brig AD 'Tony' Firth OBE MC) are currently up for auction at DNW on 31 Mar 10.

A superb group to a fighting field officer covering Burma and Korea.

The following is extracted from the book, Fortune Favours The Brave, by A. J. Barker:

‘B’ Company, commanded by Major Tony Firth who had held the appointment originally intended for Major Austin (whose Korean War M.C. group was sold by D.N.W. in June 2007 for £26,000) as Lieutenant Colonel Bunbury’s battle adjutant, was destined to take over the key positions on the Hook proper. Tony Firth was a model of what a first-class professional soldier should be. Imperturbable in all circumstances, he was alert, understanding and competent; he handled the men under him with sympathetic firmness and his officers with a tact devoid of subservience. He could cope with the unpredictable, was a hard worker, but knew how to enjoy leisure and had in his personality a strong tinge of humour blended with a sense of the ridiculous. Intensely loyal to Lieutenant Colonel Bunbury, and to regimental tradition, Firth had been brought up to assume that the British always won all wars in which they were involved. If he had any chinks in his armour as a soldier they might have been derived from this belief, and his concern for the officers and men for whom he was responsible.’

The main Chinese assault on the Hook began on the night of 26-27 May, when, following a heavy calibre artillery bombardment, a wave of infantry overran the Dukes’ forward positions in a fierce hand-to-hand encounter. Simultaneously, three separate waves of the enemy attacked from the “Ronson Spur”, but were repelled with heavy loss. But with characteristic bugle-blowing fanaticism, the enemy returned in force, again and again, their ranks being filled by an estimated eight companies, from three battalions - the whole specially trained and outnumbering the Dukes by an estimated five to one. But at length, after 48 hours of constant action, the Dukes gained the upper hand, and pushed back the Chinese in a series of gallant counter-attacks.

Brigadier Anthony Denys Firth, O.B.E., M.C. was born on 29 May 1919, being commissioned into the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment in the rank of Second Lieutenant in January 1939; promoted Lieutenant, January 1941 and War Substantive Captain, July 1942. During the Second World War he served in India and Burma with the 2nd Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (awarded M.B.E.). A memoir written by him detailing his services in this theatre is held by the Department of Documents at the Imperial War Museum. He was promoted to the rank of Major in July 1943, which rank he still held during the Korean War when he gained the award of the M.C.; Lieutenant Colonel in March 1960; Colonel in May 1963 and Brigadier in December 1966, before retiring from the army in March 1968.


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