Any ex 269 bty RA (v) 1985-1990

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by spotter1, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Hello new to the forum was a TA gunner with 269 BTY RA(V) from 1985 -1990.Any ex 269 gunners out there Now working as a civilian explosive ordnance searcher for 33ENGR REGT.
  2. 269 as in Leeds?

    I helped train you lot on cp stuff in 1990
  3. Thats right carlton barracks in leeds i was driver/sigs in the OP troop ,
  4. I was with 25 Bty, 19 Regt RA. When we were in Topcliffe, every weekend, for what seemed an eternity, me and another bod had to come to your place to teach cp ack drills-FACE and AFDC etc. No accom was given, except for the floor of the BSM's (I think) office :evil: . We even had the dubious honour, of attending one of your firing camp weekends up at Otterburn. We were meant to be DS, but when the CPO disappeared during a co-ord he illum mission 8O we had to step in and do it in his place. My mukker took over as bty signaller and I did CPO lol. After it was all done and dusted, he returned and asked what he had missed :evil:

    The SMIG was very 'impressed' with this and I believe the CPO had a 'discussion' with the aforementioned SMIG (who I knew of old).
  5. lol you describe it just as i remember it DADS ARMY bet the CPO was in the percy .At least you didnt get to see our BC turn up on the ranges in his slippers,remember going to topcliffe on several occasions to use the invertron ? trainer.In fact believe the officer who took us through TA training at woolwich in 1985 was from your lot capt Boddy?.Im actually on clearance task at otterburn now clearing the UXO we left behind
  6. Don't remember him. But the firing camp was a right laugh.

    We asked your lot what time the road party was leaving Leeds and where we was to join it. Got told everyone makes their own way up and would be accounted for up there. 8O
  7. that must have been after i left,the battery had just converted onto light guns from the 25lber when i went.we travelled in convoy in the back of 4 tonners or if you was a driver like me in the warmth of a landrover
  8. 269 are now a rapier battery (beena couple of years now if i recall correctly).

    I nealry joined them when i de-mobbed.
    Now i have a central heated office and nothing will drag me back (well almost nothing).

    Heres to the west yorkshire gunners

  9. Ibbo, was that your nickname when you were in and were you with 19 at any time?
  10. 269 bty are now going to be an STA bty and join the Geordie Gunners
  11. Recce19

    It sure was mate.

    I got out before 45 fld disbanded at Paderborn (sept 92, strange how some dates are never forgotten). So I never saw 19th never mind 4th.

    I know several lads from my time still serving. 1 made officer another is an RSM (but hey Gerry Adams made politician). So if your with 19 and you know some lads from 52 if you find any of them who know me give em my best and tell them to loose weight the fat cnuts.

  13. You must be a different 'Ibbo' :D Know what you mean about dates, I left November 94, Options for Change Phase III 8O All these years and I still remember dates, places, faces etc. Don't think I will ever forget.

    Look after yourself mate. Remember we are ex-squaddies, not civvies :twisted:
  14. "Remember we are ex-squaddies, not civvies"

    Oh my as much as I have tried I have to say your right. :)

  15. I was in 269 78-80 just prior to joining 45 field.Nig to No.1 in 20 months I thought it would be that quick in the regs. Wrong.
    I was on Lois Maynards gun.