Any ex 24 Fld Sqn here?

you clutching at straws there "diverre" ????

good luck, bit before my time (86 onwards).
I know 2 people who were posted there. Both signed off within a couple of months......
When you say a 'picture' of said flying donkey,I have a small straw you can clutch at. I take it you mean of the badge only or will a complete stranger wearing one do?!!! Not me by the way.. even though we in 20 Sqn down the road wore it too. Didn't half upset the airborne elements if I remember. I've just been looking through some old photos and if I remember, they didn't last long cos it was connected with 6 Air Mobile brigade and I dont see anyone wearing it from 1980 onwards.. might be wrong. Let me know if it's of any help.. Cheers
Hi mmm-babies-heads

That sounds about right. If I remember they were Blue with a yellow Flying Donkey.

I will PM you my email addy if you would be so kind as to email me a few pictures.

Also if you have one used or new I would like to buy it for my collection of badges I used to wear. Or if you know where or from whom I might be able to obtain one would be great also.

Babies Heads was one of my favourite Compo scrans too Mmmmm
Was MT Corporal at Kitchener and Malta Lines about that time 79/82
:cry: was a sapper in 3 troop '78 '80


Got a spare 24 Fld Sqn Tie if anyone wants it. :D
86 onwards that'll explain the cynical replies:0

Bllox to rent a troop, great Sqn just the rest of the Corps that was too jealous to realise.

Remember the World Record 5 Bay-start of the comps, it was between 69 and Sect Cmdrs Cse at Lodge Hill

3 tp went up to prove the eqpt and built the fecking thing over a minute quicker than the 'trained specialists' JPs face was picture, seem to recall he bought the beers on Fri in the bar, but then he was tighter that a ducks ass, sure he was from Yorks not Wigan (diamond geezer)

Can't have been that bad a place (at the time) of 3 Tp 85-88 there were over fifteen WOs last time I looked and then there were the wasters :) who couldn't even get a train warrant: ) OOps that might be me.
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