Any Ex 12 Armd

Discussion in 'REME' started by The_IRON, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Now were on the subject of Armd Workshops are there any lads from Traz out there. I was in Traz from 1988 - 1994 and was at 12 Armd from 1992-1994. Some good piss ups and frequent visits to the Limburg after the Cpls mess. Anyone else?
  2. have some good memories of the Limburg especially on the way home! :oops:
  3. Some great memerioes of 12 Armd even when it changed to 1 Bn.

    There from 93 - 98 lots of p ups :)
  4. I was there same time as you, firstly FRG then Production platoon between 92-95
  5. Iron

    I was also Prod Plt aftre it being renamed on numerous occasions.
  6. Check pm
  7. I was there 1992 to 1994, started off in 2nd line then moved to vehicle platoon, excellent memories of the limburg, and subway and the old stat.

    Was in the croud with *****,******, and many others, good memories of Op grapple 3 and sad memories or mr sothey, sad loss to the corps.

    Met TC earlier this year in telic, and i am still here now, living the dream. OOPs nearly forgot ******* and the piss head crew, best bn tour i had, well as a young full screw we never gave a dam and just partied till we droped. Worked with ******* AQMS for 5 years late 90's and he was still a perfectionist. 12 armoured all the way.
  8. Bumped into TC in Ripon in 98 when he was on a recy camp without his tash, if you are out there I hope youve grown it back.
  9. Was at 12 Armd from 91-94 to many memories to list but a great posting.
  10. Which section was you in anglerman, was you GS or CS Company?
  11. 12 armd/1 bn frg 90-94 biggest and best urine ups i have ever had ,with the best bunch of lads[ roddy, jack, ezzy, tc ,dave,snakehips,sue,mark t,mick,duke,ricky t,] awesome ,cant believe how we got away with it and not a day goes by without a laugh to myself about some of the sh1t we got up to!!!! Forgot to mention gilly and aidy bollox !!!!!
  12. You might of mentioned me amongst that lot, was in FRG then. On warrior with Clammy and Mark T.
  13. sorry iron ,gis aclue!!!
  14. Check pm frog
  15. God this all takes me back!!! 12 was one of the best postings I've had - I am back in Traz now but it's not the same!!. There from 89 - 92, spent all that time in the FRG, best bunch of blokes I ever worked with. Bosses were ********, what a double act they were! Useless with names, but I remember Q man was ******, then ***** (now a Lt Col with REME TA) Stripey was *******, others I can think of were *********Happy days!!