Any eBay gurus out there?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Goku, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. I’ve been offered a second chance to buy an item I was bidding on but the payment method the chap wants to use sounds like it might be a bit of a con and I can’t find anything about his method in eBay’s help pages.

    Below is a copy of an email I received from the seller, could anyone tell me if the transaction he’s describing is legitimate.


  2. Stay well away GOKU if the chap is on a business trip he has internet access and thus access to his paypal account. It's a scam.
  3. Hmmm, never heard of that before, definitely looks a bit dodgy. Of course, you could just ask eBay. If it's a scam then they'll want to know.
  4. This is your eBayer GOKU

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  5. My thoughts exactly, I’ve emailed eBay to see what they think but haven’t had a response yet.
  6. Scam Goku - let eBay know - as 58' states above, if he can access eBay, he can access PayPal. The "second-chance" scam you describe is becoming more common on eBay, and I suspect, especially as you are being offered it below the auction price, many would fall for it.
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  9. Worryingly, my missus reckons he's going for the "dapper" look. Is this Nigerian "Ally"? Or, just the local Simon Cowell looky-likey comp?!
  10. Or did he buy those trousers off E-bay ?????
  11. Oi, thats my Nigerian Driver in Lagos! I didn't know he was moonlighting!
  12. Any ebayer that wants to use Money gram or Weastern Union is a bit suspect IMO.

    See if you can get him to email you a picture of himself with a fish on his head first, as a sign of good will.

    T C
  13. Leave it, more fish in the sea, if you want fish that is.
  14. Go through with it and post his eBay username.

    Let us know whether you got scammed, then we'll know whether to trust this bloke.

    I'm not being cruel, just applying the "Sniff Test" to eBay.
  15. Hi Goku, actually i may be able to help you with your enquiry, i work for E-Bay in Ireland, so will be able to check fairly quickly if this is a scam artist, though it sounds as it is.

    However as its a question of Fraud or protection from such, id need a few details from yourself via PM (rather than open forum)

    Can you send me your
    EBay ID and His
    Your Paypal and Credit Card details
    Security Number on the back (last 3 digits)
    Also your phone number and address
    I think you will find that i will then be able to act.

    Thank you :)