Any DW/101 ninjas ?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by harrythreaders, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    Writing the obligatory letter to new CO, I've got the content so no probs there, I've been advised not to use the standard Regimental letter head..........which although when told I was like 'yeah yeah, no probs' now I've come down to actually write it I'm stuck on the correct format for the address/addressee?? I'm presuming it will take the course of a standard formal letter?

    Any help appreciated, as I am a JSP 101 DW biff of the highest order !

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  2. Have you actually downloaded JSP101 from the interweb? It's easy to find (google is your friend), and actually quite friendly to use.

    But, in simple terms:

    Your address block (right hand side of page)

    His address block (left hand side of page) Date (ie 20 Feb 12) (in line with your address block)

    "Sir" in bestest penmanship


    blah vlah blah

    Yours sincerely (again in bestest penmanship)

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  3. You sir, are a scholar and a gent !

    Much obliged

    Now to find my 'quink'


    Sent from my iPad using ARRSE app, because I have been pushed into the 21st century !
  4. Boss,

    I'm en-route, get the brews in.


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  5. never ever end any correspondence 'I have the honour etc''. It will only show how out of touch you are (approx 10 years!!) and will not look good on the boss's desk!
  6. I never bothered with a letter.

    The honour was always theirs ;-)
  7. I believe you now only capitalise the initials and first letter of the surname.
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Right, two things....

    Firstly - if you're going to start with Sir - then it is "Dear Sir," and ends with "Yours faithfully,", followed by 5 spaces, followed by Sig Block in the format stated in JSP101. If however, you're going to start it as "Dear Lt Col Smith," - then it ends with "Yours sincerely," Don't mix the two up like the example shown in Post #2

    Secondly - as suggested, get on the Defence Intranet, click on the Library Tab - and on the right hand side of the page there's the links to documents. Go to JSPs, scroll down, JSP101 - Robert's your father's brother.

    Finally, keep it simple:

    Paragraph 1 - I have the honour to report for duty in accordance with JPA Assignment Order 123456 etc
    Paragraph 2 - I have been employed as blah blah, and have done this course and that course blah blah
    Paragraph 3 - I enjoy this extra curricular activity and wish to join that team and hope to achieve this that and the other
    Paragraph 4 - I look forward to serving under your command

    He / she doesn't want to know your life story - just what they're getting and the fact you've bothered your arrse to get in touch. If anything, try to put yourself in the position of the intended reader and ask yourself what you would think if receiving the letter.

    Generally, I tend to write one to the CO, one to the OC and one to the RSM. The first two of mine start with Sir / Ma'am - and the RSM one is "Dear RSM". Seeing as this is in the seniors forum, I would suggest you do the same.


  9. Really? As a SNCO you would write Dear RSM? I thought the only person to call the RSM "RSM" was the CO, with other Officers calling him "Mr Bloggs", fellow WO1s using his first name and all ORs calling him Sir. Could be wrong*.


    *and probably am.
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I suppose my last statement could have been written a little clearer...

    No, I meant as it's in the Seniors Forum, I would suggest the OP do the same as in write to the CO, OC and RSM.

    As for the other bit - as a fellow WO - I wrote "Dear RSM"

  11. To add to the advice above:

    Formal letters have now been removed from JSP101 (Joint Service Publication, says it all). However in recognition that they are still required to be written in certain cases by Army personnel, they are now covered in the Army Staff Handbook (ASH). ASH is on the Army Electronic Battlebox, DII and probably the Internet as well (probably available through the staff college website). It is actually a really useful guide and also explains much of the material in JSP101.
  12. And also uses the 'I have the honour to be ...........' when ending the letter.