Any DS from 4 Div RTC in the house?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wobbler, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Looking for a straight answer on the refresher requirements if theres a gap between 1B and 1C

    I've just completed 1B, knowing that my 1C was being cancelled due to an admin error, I can't attend the alternatives my unit has offered in Decmeber or January, and other reasons mean that I am unlikley to be able to get 2 weeks away until April/May 2009

    What refresher training will I need? Will it be enough to attend for a refresher weekend every so often so I can slot into the next available 1C, or am I going to have to repeat 1A and 1B?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Raise this via your unit recruit training staff.
  3. Gah! Lazy people eh? Why can't they just goggle it?
  4. If my unit staff had been able to give me a straight answer I wouldn't be asking on here - and if the bookings hadn't been screwed up initially then I wouldn't have to ask the question :D

    Anyone want any issue kit before I Ebay it to recoup some of the earnings I've lost for wasting 6 weekends for no gain?
  5. Go back to your unit and ask them to apply to ITG for dispensation to go over the 6 months for you.
    Tell them you will attend a refresher every 8 weeks - and do so in the interim.
    The rule is there for a good reason, you will have a lot of skill fade, however there have been people who have gained dispensation to go over the 6 months.
    If you are successful in your request, you dont want to get yourself RTU on day one of 1C because you cannot pass the in tests therefore you are going to have to ensure you are given sufficient training to keep yourself up to speed until you can attend. Good luck
  6. There were people on my 1C who were in their respective units for TWO YEARS before they did their two weeks They were fully integrated members of their companies too.
    I had to do weekend 10 after timing out after just two months and I had attended all my units weekends in-between.

    A good friend of mine after completing 1A&B whose drills were slick and had an excellent report had to start all over again after an injury ruled him out of his 1c date, he's just started doing it all again.

    It depends on ones unit I guess
  7. The 6 month rule & 8 week testing criteria is whats laid done by ITG, but its up to ITC or the ATR to execute it - and from what I can gather sometimes they do and sometimes they don't - seems a big gamble to me to turn up with that risk of being RTU'd. What is absolutley 100% is that will RTU if you fail the entry tests
  8. Surely this 'gamble' can be eliminated through the revision weekends?

    If some time has elapsed between the end of the weekends and 1C then it seems to me that if the recruit then succesfully attends a refresher weekend, ie passes all the tests, it would be reasonable to send them off on their 2 weeks with as much chance of passing the tests as any other member of their intake.

  9. So a 'straight' answer once again turns out to be open to interpretation
  10. Or spell words properly.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    Yes. This is what happens when inflexible, occasionally intellectually idle and often ill thought-through rules written by (and generally for) the regular army are applied to the TA.

  12. The "gamble" is only partly mitgated by the revision & retest weekends which gets you the 8 week compliance (assuming you pass - failure automatically means that you start again), however if doesn't really extend the life of the actual 1B qualification which is 6 months
  13. 4 Div run an extra revision/resit w/e? there's a thought to take in this Friday.
  14. Yep - every month a "weekend 10" is run - includes revision on all key subjects, night out & then the ISA tests, most are on it for Currency (ie 8 week rule) with a few cos they failed on weekend 6
    Basically they get one chance - if you fail on a weekend 10 then you automatically have to start again
    Also being introduced on a regular basis is a once every 2 months Shooting Clinic to assist the Infantry who can't group etc on weekends 7-9