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Any drivers here? How do i get C+E(R) converted to full C+E?


3 years left and I screwed up. Didnt get around to getting my full C+E licence so I now want to find a no cost way of getting the training. Does anyone know of a training provider that will give me this? Does Leconsfield do training for us old gits?

Any advice/contacts welcome :)


me n bee said:
Thanks for the reply...but not too sure who in their right mind would use their resettlement for driving. That badger is saved for the real stuff at the end.

But ta anyway Me n Bee
get a course bid in for a C+E cse at DST ,does your unit have its own DVR TRG wing/civi contracts ?
Try talking nicely to your BRD Master Driver, im sure he will have an idea.
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