Any Drill nights not on a tuesday?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrNurse, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody know of any TA unit that meets on any other night than a tuesday, or is this standard practice? (preferably in the West-Mids area if any do exist)

    Unfortunately I've been given a lecture till 9 on said night which is fluffing my plans a bit.

    Any help?
  2. Its not local to you but we have local units parading on a wednesday... so they do exist... good luck in your search. Why not phone/EMail your RFCA, in my contact with them they were really on the ball with information.
  3. Cheers.
    Hadn't heard of the RFCA before so have googled them and got their email. Am also getting numbers for individual units from the army website, but hopefully the RFCA might know and save my phone bill.
    Thanks again.
  4. I belive it happens in TACs that have more than one unit present if the place is too small to share, also I know that the HAC parade on a Wednesday as Tuesday is when the recruits parade
  5. Yeah we have drill nights on a weds which isnt that great cause now we cant claim to be S.W.A.T - Some weekends and tuesdays!

    I used to hate having lectures in the evening - and consequently missed them all. Much prefer to be on parade. :D
  6. My lecturers are unfortunately compulsary- make me sign in they do!
    Don't suppose you're in the West-mids then?
  7. The RMLY based in Telford and Dudley meet on a wednesday
  8. 4RGJ used to meet on Weds but changed when they became part of the Londons - personally I think Tues is a better night as it gives more time to prep for weekends away (sorting out kit & more time with families/partner/kids)


    Weds Drill Night - Thurs Home - Friday TA: leaves only one evening free

    Tues Drill Night - Weds Home - Thurs Home - Friday TA: leaves 2 days free
  9. Okey doke,

    Perhaps I can try a different angle. How long is it from contacting the TA centre and getting your paperwork till you start turning up for training on a tuesday? The following week, a few weeks or a couple of months?
    I ask cause my tuesday lecutre is no more at the end of Jan when I start my nursing placements, ofcourse then I have shifts to contend with but there must be plenty of others who do to.

    If its turn up the following week then I'd better sit on my hands for a bit but otherwise mght it be worth getting the ball rolling now?
  10. I trained on tuesday wenesday& thursdays over the years
  11. MrNurse: the time taken depends on the unit. I entered a Recruiting cycle and had a few nights to sort paperwork, and am now not needed until the date of a medical. Then if thats ok and the refferees are back, I can be attested the next week.

    However some units have less regular "cycles" and you may not be required for a few months, one I looked at would not need me to attend anything for a few months and start Training until January...

    Just depends how things work :) But to hear back shouldnt take long at all, I had an email within 12 hours, a Phone call the next day and a letter 2 days later from 3 local units after contacting the RFCA.
  12. The Scottish Fd Hosp trains on a Wednesday so why not go over the border and train with them !

    :? maybe a bit far for a quarter days pay 8O
  13. ... yeah maybe - but think of the travel expenses!! :lol:
  14. In the old days of the Wessex Shock Army, the Pls had different drill nights. Winchester, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight split over Tues/ Weds/ Thurs. It allowed the OC, PSIs etc. to run a dispersed Coy.
  15. Royal Mons RE in Birmingham train on a Wednes (about as much use as the Scotland post but its nice to know!)