Any draughtys about?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MakeFastTheDinghy, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Done a bit of a search on the forum and probably got a decent amount of info, looking for a bit more though and going to give Chatham a ring on mon but looking for infos from draughties with experience in the army as I've never met one!!

    Coming to the end of my stint at Gib and just wondering what the course is like at Chatham and what's life like as a draughty in the RE, do you get to do your trade a lot? or is it some regs more than others? Also (for the future) are the quals are any use on civ street or will I have to look into getting more training whilst i'm in to get something useful for the other side?

  2. I know a Mech draftie just retired as Lt Col, done his trade all his life. Know others who have done nowt but chunkying. You pays yer money and takes yer chances, Good Luck.
  3. It's so bullshit is unreal. Enjoy.
  4. Bullshit in the sense of all work has to be done to an absolute precise standard or BS in the sense of spit shine and making sure all your socks are fcking smiling kind of way?
  5. Bullshit in the sense its all a prep course for clerk of works, and whatever you do is pretty meaningless. You'll probably have to top up your quals at a civvi college whilst you are still in. Anyway, no one want's to sit in front of a ******* computer all their life, especially as there is a Sapper's job to be done out there...
  6. So, it's all a bit hopeless then?
  7. Always useful to learn Autocad if you get the chance.
  8. There are plenty of draughties out there would don't go on to be Clk Wks and no, you don't need to top up your qualifications at a civvy college as you get an HND upon successfull completion of your class one. If you are going to be a design draughtsmen I would strongly recommend getting the most up to date Chudleys "Construction Handbook" and learning the details from that, if you are going to be a Draughtsman (Electrical and Mechanical) I would recommend getting the most up to date Hall & Greeno "Building Services Handbook" and learning the details from that.

    Doing you trade; well it just depends on your postings.
  9. The post above has recommended good books to read before hand.

    I was an E&M, when I left the Army I walked straight into a job, you are taught to an unusually high standard of drawing
    But that only means you piss all over civvie CAD Monkeys.

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  10. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Whats a Draughtie?
  11. Err , someone who plays draughts ?
  12. Draughty?

    No, my windows fit properly.
  13. Just like to add that the trend in industry is moving from Autocad and into BIM. if you have an opportunity to learn REVIT take it.
  14. Loads of pretty decent info, cheers.

    When I get moved to Talavera I'll prolly pick up that book recommended, don't really have the time during phase 2...too busy learning how to play the piano...

    I'll take the protip on keeping my eye out for more software than just autocad too.
  15. Hey makefast, does the beast of minley still haunt the place?

    I saw your mention of TV Tp, thought 'my god that purgatory still exists' and then immediately thought of her kraken-like cry of 'more chips please'......*shudder*