Any dog handlers?


I'm hoping to become a dog handler but there's not much information out there about it so wondering if there's anyone on here who is a dog handler?

Is it the same as the police where you have to do 2 years min before specialising or can you apply to be a dog handler (without having been in the army before) and go into training? What types of experience are the recruiters looking for? I'm starting an animal care course in September and I volunteer for Assisi. Also where do you go for training? I live in Northern Ireland and I don't mind travelling to England but just wondering if there was a base here that provides this training? Sorry for all the questions, any additional information would be appreciated!


You can go straight in to do dog handling see the link DOG HANDLER/TRAINER. You can also do it if you're in another trade and apply.

One thing I would mention is that it might not be a good idea advertising your full name, that you are associated with the army and where your dad works especially given where you live.


Thank god for that!

Yeah I should've realised that, I'll remember that!

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