Any Difficult/Topical Questions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wobbler, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Through my work I've got an invite to a presentation on the TA/One Army by the Army Presentation Team, Drinks reception, buffet, Q&A, speeches etc - anybody got any issues they'd like raised?

    If its a real biggy, or one you'd like to raise yourself, PM me, I can take a guest - I'm not looking to cause trouble on the evening or put anyone under pressure, but if there are serious questions that need asking I'd be happy to put my hand up
  2. Why does the pay go into my account at the begining of the month when it is suposed to be at the end previous month like the regs is?
    Why do we have to buy our own pens and stationery (or is that just my unit) does any civi job expect you to supply your own pens, paper,laptops etc?
  3. If there is to be one Army :D , why is it that the TA is still training with vehicles that are 20+ years old and the regulars are using more modern stuff :( - Should they waffle about cost, logistics or some other krapp, ask why the new cargo vehicle and its Recovery variant is not being rolled out to both the regular forces and its poor cousin the Territorial forces at the same time :x
  4. I think you've answered your own question there.
  5. Detonator, cost should not be a factor if, as I said in my original post "ask why the new cargo vehicle and its Recovery variant is not being rolled out to both the regular forces and its poor cousin the Territorial forces at the same time".

    Would'nt cost any more to roll them out across Regs & TA at the same time & would probably be cheaper & easier to roll them out to the TA first!
  6. Way to focus on the important stuff mate. Questions like this won't make us look like a moaning bunch of bum touchers. :roll:

    You've never worked in a procurement environment have you mate?
  7. Cost is an issue across the whole of defence. However much the TA dont like it (and I fully understand why), equipment should be at the sharp end first. Even today with TA contributing a vital amount of manpower to operations, I'm sure you will agree that the sharp end is the regular army.
  8. You could mention the withdrawal of HDT from the NRPS, even though it was listed under TACOS when the majority signed on the dotted line!!

  9. Why should MOD spend millions updating the TA fleet, only to have them used on the odd weekend ?
  10. A very simple question that warrants a detailed answer:

    Just what was wrong with the Two Army concept? Following RFA 96, units (as opposed to the entire TA, as previously) could be mobilised as necessary. Morale and hence retention must surely be better if soldiers are mobilised as established units, rather than as individuals.
  11. I'll tell you what - I'd rather we rolled it out to Op theatres first, followed by pre-deployment training. Then you can have a bun-fight about how it gets divvied up between Reg and TA. I agree that it is 'one Army', but there will always be prioritisation - even with extra money, SV is only rolling off the production line at a certain rate.
  12. So the question list so far is;

    If its one Army, why are there differences in equipment availability?

    Hopefully somebody will say theres no such thing as a stupid question near the start of the session :D

    Was really hoping there would be more probing questions than that!

    Paywog I hvaen't a clue what your question means - PM me a plain english translation and I'll add it to the list, or just write the question out in full and I'll read it verbatim
  13. msr

    msr LE


    What sort of Qs do you have in mind?

  14. The payment of Home to Duty Travel has been stopped for all NRPS, less those serving in central London from 1 Apr 07 on the introduction of JPA to the army. Those in receipt of it at that time have been allowed to retain it until 31 Dec 2010 but will then lose it. Until this decision was made RILOR (HDT's predecessor) was payable to all members of NRPS up to 50 miles per single journey. This was laid down as part of NRPS Terms and Conditions of Service but has been removed without consultation, this basically means a cut in take home pay of up to £270 per month. The rationale behind this decision is that NRPS are not mobile - we are virtually as mobile as TA and if we sign a waiver we can be mobilised world wide but this does not have any effect on this allowance.

    You could also ask why NRPS are not paid any X factor, even though we suffer the majority of the inconveniences that it is designed to compensate with few of the benefits that serve to reduce it.

  15. I'd settle for some ancient green fleet than the current LDV fleet