Any current poachers out there?

Need some assistance if possible. I was deployed last year on IRT medic duties on Telic, during which time i responded to an "incident" invovling poachers. Unfortunately two of which aren't with us anymore, but i'm trying to make contact with the 3rd guy who we managed to get to safety and do something for.
Anybody who knows the guy or a way to contact him please can you PM me for my contact details to pass on to him if he would like to make contact.

Cheers fella's

Did the guy you manage to save, was he south african by any chance?? I myself am ex poacher 93-99. Never went out to the sandpit, however i try and help ex service personnel out not financially as im f**** skint, but by being a friend basically.

Anyway, cut the crap. I contacted Blesma, and tole them i was ex poacher blah blah blah and they told me of the individual you may be talking about?? He was on top cover right?? I also know vehicle comd details. If you pm me i have the guys details!
I only opened this thread expecting to get some info on nifty snares and tips on hiding from keepers...The Poachers are alright in my book, where they are pronounced as Anglians not Anglicans!
I know the lad in question quite well, i was telic 8 with him and he lives in the same town as me. we speak quite regular. i shall of course tell him you are asking after him, and pass on your details if you wish. he can then email you on this site. if you wish to know he is doing very well, the injuries he sustained have not got the better of him and he is staying in.

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