Any current or ex serving rmp willing to answer my questions?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Nunn93, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi there am about to start the process of joining up again and want some information on rmp... preferably a bit more useful than the usual "monkey cnuts" any current or recent serving rmp willing to answer a few questions pm me....

  2. Monkey *****.
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  3. Mkoyen tcnus!
  4. To h301593
    Yes I have a fair while aback but yes I have...

    And to the other two posters, cheers ill take that on board... top notch input :)
  5. Some ******* investigator you'll make if you can't even use a search function to look through the hundreds of RMP question threads

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  6. Stay away from my Army you humourless individual.
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  7. I cannot dicipher your impenetrable code. Curse you!
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  8. Simian vaginas.

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  9. Humorless... no I'm just not particularly finding monkey cnuts or comments about a username not helpful... I was whacking up a question perfectly reasonable for a reasonable answer not corps hating or useless shite...
  11. Your not Woodsey in disguise are you? Anyway I'll humour you, get used to not being liked that much, endless amounts of boring paperwork/case files, sitting / driving around waiting for something to happen, getting treated like a 5 year old in a corp that hasn't moved with the times at all. Go on exercise using cold war tactics, whilst everyone else isn't, being screwed about on training months, off to the QM's on one day, clean out the signals store the next, then some other store, clean the wagons etc. If your lucky you might pass the CP course or P-Coy or get a cushy posting to NATO headquarters checking car passes. In all likelyhood after the initial excitement of finishing training and spending a bit of time in an RMP Unit, you'll be bored, fed up with the paperwork and wishing you'd done something else. Also you get posted individually and there's a lot of jack two faced twats in RMP so loyalty is hard to come by. Good luck.
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  12. @JAY52
    Did you find that out the hard way by any chance? Or was you lucky enough to hear it from the grapevine?
  13. Would appear you have some of the necessary attributes for RMP in abundance old son