Any courses for 16+ ?

Hello and you may have noticed that this is my first post ... Hi :)

Anyway more to the point , I've just turned 16 and can't wait to indulge in army life . I'm currently going through my AOSB for a sixth form scholarship which in turn guarentee's me a place at RMAS .

I'd like to know what courses are available for me and if possible links .
I'm already going on the 'The Paras insight course' and looking at a similar one for the rifles .

Anymore ?
I'll try and be more specific .

Like INSIGHT courses or for people not already in the Army . Courses which promote it . Like the Para's run one .
From what I can gather mate most, if not all, regiments run similar courses.

Have you tried having a look on the Websites of the regiments which are of interest to you, or speaking with your local Armed Forces Careers Office?
If your applying for a scholarship i take it your in contact with your regional ACA(O) and your looking to go down the officer route. If so, ask them to go on some "Potential Officer" courses. Probably the best one I did with them was the Potential Infantry Officer Insight Course down in Warminster LWC. There are plenty more of them, and they will more than likely send you to Sandhurst to get a better idea of your future. I'd advise to go on as many as you can as well as the soldier ones like the Para one and any local infantry ones.
Most regiments and corps run familiarisation or fam visits for potential officers - usually a couple of days with an interview and play around on the regiments kit

Im sure your Army Careers Advisor will be able to put you in touch with any regiments you are interested in. There is definatley one run at Sandhurst in the summer for potential army bursars

Be prepared for some regiments to say we'd love to see you but not till your 18 though, and bear in mind too that some wont see you untill you have passed AOSB
29 RA Cdo run one down in Lympstone. If your looking for a challange look no further. You get run ragged by PTI's all week, and you to do some really cool stuff like go up in a Chinook and fire a .50 Cal...

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