Any computer whizz-kids out there?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BBear, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    In a bit of a computer fix - i'm sure it's nothing but would be very appreciative to have a bit of help getting my laptop back up and running, and help very gratefully received! :)
  2. Unless you are seeking a computer whizz that is also psychic/telepathic, some rough outline of the problem(s) may be helpful.

  3. I'm a super whizz lol

    Not a lot i dont know about computer science.

    Whats the problem?
  4. As BBear has apparently logged off, and you will also have logged off by the time he logs back on, can't you just list EVERYTHING that he may have to do? :)
  5. LMAO Think might crash the forums if i tried that. The SQL databases would be in a proper shitty state.

    Lets see-

    1)Charge it
    2)Make sure you press the ON button
    3)See what happens
    4)If it doesn't come on then in my professional opinion it is BROKEN!
  6. hit it with a hammer
  7. see under Percussive Maintenance in the manual
  8. Invoice for repair services rendered

    1. Tap with 4oz hammer.........................Qty..1........£1.50
    2. Knowing where to hit with hammer........Qty..1......£275.75

  9. If its an acer, dump it
    If its running vista, reinstall xp

    Everything else is fixable
  10. His computer is not called Hal 9000 is it?? :silent:

    Only old gits will get this
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah ha - thanks guys, lots of input there!

    Right, basically I've tried to avoid my traditional regimental approach to this (Flying-headbutt-o-doom-avec-claw-hammer) and use actual witchcraft to fix it.

    The problem lies with my laptop, I've just returned from holiday in France where I was connected to an unsecure public network in the hotel. Towards the end of the trip I noticed a distinct decrease in my computers speed and an increase in the number of crashes it was susceptable to. By the time I had gotten it home I could still connect to the internet, however this ability went within 24 hours. At first I could not connect to ant anti-virus/anti-spyware websites but could to say, facebook. Now there is a very limited packet rate and cannot load any webpages. As it would freeze doing mundane tasks by this point, like booting up or loading the start bar.

    I ran Norton System works which has freed up the computer and doesn't appear to be crashing. However it will not load certain programmes nor can it connect to the internet. I've tried downloading a patch or update for my Anti-virus/anti-spyware on another computer and transfering it across but it seems norton + Avg require self-updating from the internet i cannot connect to.

    I am aware of the Cornfiker (sp?) virus, and have used Symantecs bug removal tool to scan for it but it says my system is clean.

    So, essentially, how can I find out the cause and solutions to the following problems:
    A) My computer cannot load webpages although it can connect to my wireless network, but suffers from a low packet rate.
    B) It refuses to load some programmes.
    C) It's hampering my ability to do any "constructive" work...
  12. The quickest, and easiest way would be to remove all data that you want onto an external HDD, and reinstall everything from scratch.
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I'm 22 and get this.... :wink:

    SHE is called Gloria Patrica Michelle Gump I'll have you know :D
  14. Reformat, If you have the original OS CD and key code.?

    It'll remove everything mind, so anything extremely important back it up, but dont back up everything as you could copy over the source of the problem.

    I wipe and reinstall windows on my PC at least every 6 months.
  15. If you have anything you want to save like pics/music, put them on a memory stick or dvd. Then spend a couple or 6 frustrating hours trying to find and fix the problems, or alternatively put a fresh install of XP on it.