any computer folk

any one know how to get a computer screen shot. ie print or copy an online page
Can you not just click on File -> Save page as... (or similar) or just File -> Print?



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Atl + Print Screen captures the screen, but closes any open menus, drop down lists, etc. Ctrl + Print Screen captures the open menus, drop down lists, etc.

When you use Alt + Print screen, etc, it puts a copy of the screen in the clip board. To save a copy of the screenshot open another application (like Word) then use the Paste command (or Ctrl + V) to put the screenshot into the document.

If you want to do a bit of editing open a program like Microsoft Paint (comes installed with Windows) and you can paste the image into that. Then you can crop the picture, annotate it with text, etc before saving it as a jpg file.


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