Any commando sappers ?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by skinnyjoe, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi im in the final stages of recruitment and im trying to join the RE as a b&sf.
    i was talking to the warrant officer in my local aco and he was saying that you can put your name down during traning and go for para ,commando, bomb disposal ect but i was told by a staff sgtt that you had to be offered the place later in your career ??

    my questions are

    1) who is right ? can you volunteer during traning ? if so when will u do your chosen course ?

    2)is anyone here either a para sapper or commando sapper ? if so what would you say is better ?

    3) i was told in the para and commando RE's it is more combat engineering with the infantry , is this true ?

    sorry about all the questions
  2. Through training you should be able to put your name down for Para or Cdo... inthis way you can be posted to these units direct and then attempt the various qualification courses.

    EOD, Diving etc you will probably have to wait a little while.
  3. I put my name down for cdo while doing my B3 training as I was keen. Should have gone to them after I'd completed my trade training however half way through I changed my mind, Chatham can have that effect.

    My mate managed to squeeze his Para course inbetween his B3 and trade trainig, which I think would be the best time to do it. Although this will depend on when your trade course starts.

    Another friend asked to do his para course when he got to his unit and it took a year for him to finally get on it for various reasons.

    Para will tell you their best, commando will tell you their best. If I had to do one I'd choose diver

  4. :lol: Fcuk me you are retarded.

    Joe, If you wanna get thrashed for 8 weeks and be ally as fcuk then go Para. If you want to become an admin king and be made wet and cold by Booties then go Commando. Word of warning on the Para front, there is an epic backlog on jumps course. I passed 5 months back and am most probably gonna be waitin another year till I get on a course. There is a lot of rivalry between us and jive9, but both are hard courses. Just don't stay a howlin craphat! :wink:
  5. Maybe he's not retarded then? If divers still receive extra pay, like they use to, then its obviously a smarter move. No wings = no para pay :(
  6. Sorry maybe I should have said that divers do still get the extra pay, and that's why I would choose that course over the others but obviously it's a personal choice.

    Didn't mean to be a retard :wink:
  7. Lol@ Craphat....Dirk yr such a Penguin!!!
  8. As chocolate_frog rightly said you should apply to do the Cdo cse as you pass through training be it Basic or during your Cbt Engr Training. You will probably find that the 24 Cdo Engr Recruiting Team will visit during your period at these establishments. You should apply through the PSO. As for divers course 24 Cdo Regt has a Diving Teams so once you have passed the course and served time within the Regt you can apply for the course. There is possibility that you could be posted to the EOD Cdo Troop at 33 EOD Regt so could gain a EOD qual. Hope this is of use.
  9. 59 Cdo Sqn was and is,an excellent unit.If you can pass the AACC,you'll be amongst some of the best that the Sappers has to offer.
  11. A penguin indeed. But i'd rather have H.I.V than be a H.A.T :wink:
  12. Dirk,
    until the day you get your wings, you are just the same as all the rest that wear the beret, a "hat" once you have chucked yourself out of the plane a few times then you become one of the "Sqn"

    That is unless the Sqn have lowered their standards now
  13. Dirk, you'll always be a 'HAT' to someone!!!
  14. Diggler,
    when your a proven and seasoned Paratrooper, got some air between your boots and the ground and actually served with Airborne Forces then you can start gobbing off.
    Until then son, wind your wingless neck in.

    Shine on shiny Nine.
  15. Too many overnight paras about