Any comm sys ops?

Hi, I'm looking at becoming a communication systems operator (selection in a couple week) and wondering what its like day to day?

I've done a search and all I can find are vague references to it being boring?

Along with any day to day happenings are they needed on tour? would I get out to actually get to do the job?

ta boys.
Well being a CS Op will bring you varied employment dependent on where you get posted. If you go to a Bde Sig Sqn or a Div Sig Regt you will primarily operate the Bowman radio system and get out to all the nice places on tour - Iraq and Afghan. Dependent on what role you do in theatre you could find yourself operating next to the Infantry in a close support role.

Other units such as 2 Sigs you will do pre employment training pertinent to the equipment held at your unit and you will still go on tour, but be doing a more strategic level job.

Hope this helps PM me for more details.


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