Any Combat Medics out there?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dizz, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Hello!!

    I am a new recruit thinking of becoming a COmbat Medical Technician. I don't really know much about it tho, as all CMTs at my unit seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet.

    Can anyone tell me a bit about what it's like? Cheers!
  2. Someone else might know more about this than me, but I thought that the TA CMT CEG was under review. Are they still recruiting CMTs? Last I heard they couldn't train them now the military hospitals are all closed. My unit (FH) isn't recruiting atm.

    Anyone else got a clearer picture of what's happening?
  3. While i'd have thought that you'd need medics and therefore need to train them up, just in case, what else would you guys recommend? I'm joining Sigs, but haven't been around long enough to do more than fill in a rainforest-worth of forms (TAFS starts in Nov!!)

  4. The courses are being run at Keogh Barracks. My unit has 2 on the October course. get your PSI to contact them for details.:wink:
  5. Do you know what you do on CMT training, or what opportunities you can expect? I only recently found out about CMT as a trade, having got p1ssed off with 4 months of trying to find a FH to join and deciding to look for something different. Have totally lost interest in the FH side of things now, but still fancy something medical.
  6. Hey there, i did a CMT course, Its really straight forward, There is the theory side, Mostly powerpoint presentations on the respiratory system, reproductive, circulatory etc etc kinda like GCSE biology, very easy to learn. You are taught practical skills like CPR, First aid, how to take blood pressure, temperature and pulse (aka BTP). there is an FTX cas-evac exercise and you learn how to triage - treat and prioritise casualties in order of the seriousnees of their injury.

    In short, i found it to be an extension of the basic BCD taught to all soldiers. in addition, You learn how to put neck braces on, slings - treat fractures and breaks (open and closed)........ (err... trying to recall my course).... There are two theory tests - multiple choice questions and 10 practical tests (2 tests with 5 assesments each). The course is really laid back and a 8-4 day most days cos there is a lot to digest so they give you plenty of revision and practice time.

    had a great time on my course and i would definatly recommend it. Its very easy - i passed it 100% :D

    hope that helps, any more q's just ask and ill dig my notes out and can tell u exactly what the topics covered are
  7. Hi,

    I am a CMT2 attached to the infantry. I thought I would add my 2ps worth of what you can expect being the sole medic in your company (offically we have another but I am not likely to see them again for a long time). :(

    Your CMT3 course will be the first course that you do (you can continue to qualify to CMT2, CMT1 and then it gets a heck of a lot more difficult). It is a great course- I can honestly say that. It was a lot of hard work- but all for the brain, the idea is not that they beast you, that was basic training, they are training you to be a a medic.

    However, having said that, for my first year as a CMT3 I did pretty much no medic-ing. It could be because our OC had a real problem with women and was trying to kick me out for all that time. He managed to get every other girl to leave!

    You are primarily a soldier- being a medic is an added bonus. On company weekends you will be doing exactly the same as everyone else in your unit. On regimental weekends you may meet up with other medics and this is the chance you get to do your job. :D

    The CMT courses do get progressively harder (they have now included all the A and P from 1 into 2) and if you are attached to another unit CMT1 is about as far as you need to go.

    Good luck on your decision- being a medic isn't easy as you are constantly torn in two directions! :?

  8. Good luck on your decision- being a medic isn't easy as you are constantly torn in two directions!

    ouch sounds painfull!
  9. I had heard that CMT's were being removed and replaced with Health Care Assistants, except in the case of where they are attached to Infantry units. I am a CMT 2 RAMC attached to an infantry unit and was told that recently.