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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BritViper, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Wondered if anyone could give me a clue as to how I go about verifying, whether or not someone previously served in the British Military or not.

    I married a Yank a few years back and moved to the States. I have been lucky enough to get a job as a firearms instructor at a local range. Since the gun business over here is full or ex military from all over the world, I keep bumping into other British expats. Nearly all of them claim to be ex-army, navy etc. Most of them with a wink wink, nudge nudge.....say no more mate...indicating some kind of SF training or regiment. This normally leads me to the conclusion that they are full of s*** and that’s the end of that.........

    However I would hate to be tarring them all with the balls brush if in fact one or 2 are for real.......Question is how, (without interrogating them and making myself look a total prick) do you know?.................Any ideas?
  2. Ask them the colour of the boathouse!
  3. Ask who their preferred publisher is? If you get a blank look, they're either old-school, or you're probably reached the right conclusion.

    How much to shoot in Florida btw?
  4. ......Ask them their army number. Look at their age and compare. eg: 23******, or 24********. If that fails ask them what is an AF1033 or simplest of all, what number is a Sgt. Major's special?
  5. As an Ex Sgt Major, I have no idea what you are on about?
  6. Must have changed over the years........252 crime sheet come to mind? :D
    or am I having bad dreams again and lost the plot?

  7. It’s a shame there is'nt a website or association that could confirm or deny an individuals service........The yanks have one for "Fake Seals"......

    Cost to shoot depends on if you have your own kit. With your own guns $10 range time plus you have to by your ammo (about $14.00 - 18.00 Ave per box of 50) If you rent a gun its an additional $12.00. Full auto rental MP5, UZI, M4 is $50.00 plus ammo. Instruction is $50 per hour per person.

  8. if a spotty teenager drops in for a practice shoot before he blows away his questions asked? :roll:
  9. Just send me their details mate and I'll check em against my course photographs.................... :wink:

    before it starts- I'm joking!
  10. no.....we would give them extra ammo!...... :wink: Just kidding. You got to be 21 and have id, etc....................non of ours have gone postal.......yet!
  11. You can recognise a British squaddie anywhere by their slick drills and the confident and safe way that they handle their weapon. ;)

    If you're really excited about whether they're ex-British Army, talk to them about something that they should know about. You're in a gun club so why not ask them about the SA80/SLR depending on vintage, or persuade them to demonstrate British drill. There are lots of ways.
  12. The trick is to be subtle. Eg *How did you get on at Pontrilas* ? And *Do you remember Dinger when he was SSM G Squadron? *
  13. Priceless - :D

    Just doing the math here - shouldn't the British Army be sourcing it's bullets from Florida? :) Hey, we'll cut out the middlemen - Who's for ARRSE Inc. with it's dubious offshore "British" subsiduary. We'll export high quality munitions into a war-zone, through a series of clever transactions, reclaim some import duties along the way, and make a few bucks - waddaya reckon? :D

    Gotta be a winner - how many civil servants does it cost to put a bullet on the battlefield. We could be onto something here - unless it's been done before!
  14. Could use the BFPO free parcel service as well to cut down on shipping cost.
  15. 1231?? :?