Any clerks out there that can help?

I am re-enlisting v-soon, I have had no indication to what pay I will be entering back in with though.
previously I was a pte on lower band at level 6. I will be returning to a different regt but on the higher band, will I walk straight back to the same level?
I have been out less than a year and am unsure if I will have to do any sort of re-training, as I am awaiting for the go ahead and details at the moment. If I have to do some re-training will this effect may pay?
Also whats the score with LSSA days do they carry over?
Before you all say ask the careers centre they dont seem to know.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Having just re-enlisted myself last Month, I have gone from (Cpl) High Band Increment Level 4 in Sept 05 to (Cpl) High Band Increment Level 1 in the space of the 5 months I was a Civvy.

The WO2 in the AFCO told me verbally I would re-enter at my original level. I am currently fighting it at Glasgow with the backing of my RCMO as there was nothing in writing to state the drop and my new Contract stated Substansive Rank complete with no loss of seniority.

Also another bum steer was the fact that you will be forced onto the new pension scheme as a re-enlistment (again I was advised differently at the AFCO) and any previous Service will remain preserved on the old pension scheme. In order to be eligible for an immediate payout (18 years on new scheme) you have to transfer the preserved pension onto the new scheme also.

Get anything in writing, as my RAO stated that any financilal info given by AFCO's is bollocks.

Link to my query:
Nightmare, nothing changes then. Thankyou for the tip ill get it in writing.
How long did it take from aproaching the AFCO to you walking back through the gates?
About 3 months but that was because I kept my old RCMO in the loop and he bypassed a lot of the bullshit and approached my branch at Glasgow directly, the guys at the AFCO said mine was pretty quick but they have had it take longer if there are any hiccups especially on the medical side. But on the flipside they have had them go through quicker.

You say you are going back in on high band and different Regt, what Capbadge? If you require any sort of additional trade training then that should be all you need if you have been out less than 1 year.

As I stated I have lost all my increment levels even though I have only been out 5 months with no mention of this at the AFCO when I signed back on the dotted line. I am looking at getting a Civvy Lawyer on the case if I get no joy from Glasgow as I only found out about it with my first pay slip yesterday.

Jeeze that is begging for a grand old slagging off more like any clerks that can be bothered to get their fat arrses out of the pie shop to completely fcuk someone elses travel docs / pay/ leave etc etc

standing by
Sorry Medman according to UNICOM you have already used your leave for the next five years. As requested your main pay will be re-directed to the Central African Republic and paid in raw bannanas! Now about those claims .......

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