Any class 1 VM lance jacks fancy going to germany on a swop?

Discussion in 'REME' started by rememechanic, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Im desperately looking to do a swop with any class1 VMB Lance Jack,posted to anywhere in uk,if your interested in a posting to germany then please contact me,this could be your last chance for a Germany posting!!!
  2. Jesus H Christ and here's me thinking it was the army and not wife / holiday / moaning hat swap.
  3. its cos of the wife i gotta do it,wish i could do the swop with her!!!!
  4. Check your PM's mate.
  5. Why dont you just speak to records? or are you just trying to bypass the system? oh and by the way if my wife/girlfriend/boyfriend insisted on me getting a posting from Germany to the UK I would tell them to join me or POKE off, your choice, are you a man or a mouse?
  6. I'm not in anymore but I'll swap you. I've got previous on the spanners.
  7. send the wife to me ill be the worst husband in 2 weeks to her you will never get her arguing again she will thank the lucky stars she married you and not me