Any Civilian Service Rifle or PR shooters here ?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by steven04, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone here participate in either or both matches ?

    I'll be at Bisley for CSR on the 26th Oct (Not yet confirmed officially) and I've also entered the Kemble PR match at Longmoor on Nov 9th.

    I'll be shooting with one of my AR/ACOG/RG combinations.


  2. Nice rifles! What calibre is the centre one?
  3. Why thankyou :) The one with the stainless barrel is in .30 carbine.
  4. Nice one! I thought I recognised the Carbine mag. Is that one of the 'lever action' rifles I've heard about?

    I'm waiting for the paperwork to come through for my carbine, it's a bit more 'old school' than yours though (it's from 1944!).

    The police over here have a bit of a bee in their bonnets about AR type rifles at present, and from what I hear it's almost impossible to get a licence for even a straight-pull AR. It's a bit of a shame as PR is just starting to take off here in Denmark and they're ideal for the purpose.
  5. I'll be there to; although not shooting anything wildly ally as your set up, I'm sticking to wood!!

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  6. Yes, its the lever action version, which works very well although if I swap upper onto a std AR lower I can then use it as a straight-pull.

    I like the .30 carbine, its a nice little round, wish I could have an original M1 though :-(

    So, what are the firearms laws like in Denmark ? Is there an unofficial black rifle ban currently in progress then ? ?

  7. and a fine piece of wood it is too :D

    I'll look out for you then ! The 26th has now been confirmed, so sent my entry form back to Martin Farnan@NRA yesterday.

    See you on the firing point :D
  8. Yes, it certainly seems that way. I've even heard about people having their licences for them revoked. I'm not sure about the legality of this though, and the guys concerned are appealing against the decision.

    I know that a few people over here use their issue weapons for PR and that is at least semi-officially allowed.

    Wood stocked rifles are okay though, which is good as I fancy getting an M14 clone at some point.
  9. I am hoping a mate is going to turn up with his M14 on the day; the UK never had a national match rifle like the US M14 which I have to say is a shame.
    If we had gone down that route I wonder if we would have stayed with bolt action rifles or semi autos?
  10. This one ? ? I'd like one for sure :D
    Pic was taken on Stickledown during one of the ETR matches last winter.

  11. Yes

    but unfortunately I won't be able to make it to those comps :-(

    Nice rifles BTW!
  12. Yes the very same, I was stood about 2 metres from him when the pic was taken.

    Nice geezer our mate with the M14. :D
  13. I wasn't aware that M1 Garands were banned in the UK. Is it the same for M1 Carbines? I have two Springfield Garands and the receiver and most of the parts for a third. I got the first Garand for $165.00 through the Director Of Civilian Marksmenship (DCMP) in the early 90s and I got the other two in the last couple of yrs at the the new Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) $495.00 ea. at Camp Perry in Ohio. I also have a Winchester M1 Carbine, I got that at a gun show. The garands are very nice rifles, probably my all time favorite big-bore semi-auto rifle. There is no sound like the ping of an ejecting garand clip!

    Nice ACOGs the Trijicon plant is not too far from where I live. They do make a nice scope!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    All semi autos other than .22rf are classed as section 5 and therefore you wont own one on a normal section 1 license which in itself is getting to be a pain to hold.
    Garands and M14s were sold through Interarms in Manchester up until the 1988 act made them effectively banned to the public. Interarms went shortly after and the warehouse is now covered by a bypass.