Any Citadel Grads?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by shemulie, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Any El Cid lads out there?

    Alpha '06
  2. I've been to the Citadel.

    Very interesting it was.

    But not as nice as the fine young ladies in Charleston itself. I pulled a marine when I was there.

    She was lovely! (Why do the Spams allow females into Uncle Sam's Misguided Children??)
  3. Why the hell not?
    The USMC is a huge conventional force, larger than our army, dont get confused and compare them to the Commandos, different kettle of fish. Love a women who can handle herself in the field.

    Couldn't stand half the women in Chucktown. 4 years in the South was enough for me.
  4. Charlestown...mmmm. Vickery's downtown and who can forget the local Hooters - one of the best in CONUS IMHO, and I've been around!

    So sorry, I meant Charleston.
  5. Moe's Crosstown Tavern, best dam wings and shrimp BLT in the states!

    Salsa dancing at Toucan Reef on a sat night!
  6. Wet Willie's!

    Oh boy. If I ever had a chance to lose my virginity all over again, it would be in Charleston.
  7. Yeh, see think I'm just a west coast kinda guy!
  8. Apart from eating junk food and nailing women in uniform, does the Citadel entail anything cool, hard and interesting?
  9. No.

    On the other hand the Marine Corps' OCS in Quantico Virginia: now thats where all the action is.
  10. Think it's quite a good college, and certainly a somewhat more rigorous undergrad experience (!!) than is normal in the "country club" environment of many US higher education establishments.
  11. Don't forget the two lapdancing joints opposite each other in Charleston. Due to the archaic laws in South Carolina, if alcohol is sold in a venue, the dancers can only be topless.

    So this results in the most barking solution I've ever,err,come across.

    One lapdancing club sells alcohol and the girls are topless.

    The other one across the road is full nudity so only sells soft drinks....

    but it has an off licence right next door that lets you buy slabs of beer to take into the bollocky buff venue.

    Hoofing!!!!!! :thumright:
  12. The matelot, next time you are in that dire situation of having to choose between topless and sloshed, just remember: it is fairly easy to strap a small bottle of whisky to your wrist. Don't forget to attach a little straw that can conveniently reach your swallowing hole.

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  13. I was dragged into a shower show as well. 2 girls giving each other ring dhobys is outstanding!! :D :D

    Charleston is one of the best run ashores I have ever had in my 10 years in the RN.
  14. (Hysterical laughter/ crying) No SH*T!!! It was an experience, I'll leave it at that, just have to go there to understand! :)

    ...ahh the Southern Belle, Amy I miss you!

    Devil_Dog mate you sound like a recruiter, where do I sign up? How did you find OCS, not suitable for a comparison to El Cid though.
  15. There's also a chain of strip clubs in the South (alas none in SC) where... basically it's a Diner... a shiny 1950's style diner... you go in, order your bacon n eggs... n have some skank wave her minge in your face... it was quite bizzare!