any chefs online?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by muzza6984, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi looking for some advice was thinking of joing army as a chef, but have been warned not to. Was told that you work very long shifts like way over what the normal lads would work,dont get your proper time off. An take a load of shit. is this whats its like? hope you can give me some advice thanks
  2. AAGF


    FFS - "Who called the cook a cnut?"

    WAH. Second time.
  3. fink it was your mum!!!!
  4. and if any chefs are online, whats for breakfast tomorrow?
  5. cold apathy and lethargy if it's anything like my unit!
  6. FFS I've told you once already.

  7. It's not a dying trade, but it's not the trade it used to be either. Crack on, someone's got to do it.
  8. Too be brutally honest the cookhouse on camp is on the ball! Fresh fruit for breakfast/dinner, food you actually look forward to eating and its not PAYD,...for now!
  9. You have just started another thread saying your leaving in march ( I take it you meant leaving to join the army???)

    Make your mind up
  10. yeah i have a start date for the 1st of march. But i have spoke to few people who have said do not join the army as a chef. its a bad idea. an was just wondering what any chefs thought of the job before i signed my life to it for 4years.
  11. Haha, 4 years will just fly by, not sure what it's like now, but I had a great time in, loads of banter (you get used to the slaggings) but all in all, you do get appreciated especially on exercise. Trade training is difficult for some especially those without any experience, but worth it. There may be the chance to get a licence out of it too.
  12. I was a chef once but it's totally changed from how I knew it, largely thanks to PAYD. Good luck if you decide to go for it, but given the choice I wouldn't bother with it nowadays.