Any chefs in, so whats this then?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by duty_cook, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    so here we are then

    at long last
  2. Home !!!! Fcuk, don't recognise that bugger.
  3. its not a great picture to be honest

    look a bit harder while i go outside for a smoke

    julian clary would like it
  4. And here we go, the home of the RLC and the forming Corps.
    The picture is, well it looks like something my Gran used to soak our nappies in...

    Any clues D_C????
  5. come on guys
  6. An arrse!!
  7. damn close

    try again
  8. Stock Pot??
  9. I would answer but I feel the thread may disappear. Or did I imagine photoshopping an egg and a banjo earlier?
  10. It can't be a 6 gallon pot that i remember but it may be an old type?
    C'mon D_C clues as i need to get my head under the duvet sharpish, BFG is an hour ahead and the boy has his 2nd birthday party in the morning!!
  11. OK

    Clearly I have beaten you on this one.

    And yes it may ne a bit old as I am.

    Camp Kettle

    a bloody Camp Kettle.
  12. Looks like the pot you used to get on the old cooksets, No,s 4 & 5.

    Camp kettle? With lid?

    Cheers N_W.

  13. Indeed Butler Indeed.

    We were moved on by a moderator with out a sense of humour.

    But at last we have found a home.
  14. Well done NW.

    Spot on.
  15. F 'kin Hell, thought the odd shape was due to camera angle.