Any Charlie Troop (Charlies Angles) out there???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by lockett, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Looking for some of the old girls!!
    We must be all getting on a bit now and there can't be many left in.
  2. To which Charlie Troop do you refer? In my time, I served in 3 different Charlie Troops (plus 1 Alpha, 2 bravos, 2 deltas, 1 Echo and a Foxtrot).
    I think at least two of the C Troops were nicknamed Charlies Angels (not very original).
  3. Is this not the mob i heard about that got Charlie's Angles tats? Muppets.
  4. Haha thats genius!
  5. Not all of us got Charlie's Angles tats!!
  6. And yes I'm genuine, I started and finished in that troop.
    It started out as 29 girls and 19 passed off.
    Section 1 we are here!
  7. Don't know about this Charlie Troop, but

    Charlie Troop 9 Sigs 93-94. Craig's Bar Ayia Napa - happy days
  8. No way,
    Volcano's was much much better!
  9. The Charlie' Angles were formed in Sep 1995 and it was an all girl troop going through Bassingbourn.
  10. Volcanos - they had the Margarihta (sp??) Down Unders for a pound I recall.

    The Hard Rock bar with its interesting way of drinking tequila was always worth a trip!!
  11. If you are the same Locket I know, (1Div) then yes there are a few of your troop still around.
  12. I've never heard of anymore Lockett's! Who are you cunexttuesday?
  13. Your right, there was only one L-Lockett in the the core. Are you still serving? I wasn't in C troop, I have a cock, although come to think of it that probably wouldn't count me out being a member. Left Herford around 98/99 to go to 1 Mech.