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Any Charlie Troop (Charlies Angles) out there???

To which Charlie Troop do you refer? In my time, I served in 3 different Charlie Troops (plus 1 Alpha, 2 bravos, 2 deltas, 1 Echo and a Foxtrot).
I think at least two of the C Troops were nicknamed Charlies Angels (not very original).
Snagglepuss said:
ArmyYid said:
Don't know about this Charlie Troop, but

Charlie Troop 9 Sigs 93-94. Craig's Bar Ayia Napa - happy days
No way,
Volcano's was much much better!
Volcanos - they had the Margarihta (sp??) Down Unders for a pound I recall.

The Hard Rock bar with its interesting way of drinking tequila was always worth a trip!!
Your right, there was only one L-Lockett in the the core. Are you still serving? I wasn't in C troop, I have a cock, although come to think of it that probably wouldn't count me out being a member. Left Herford around 98/99 to go to 1 Mech.

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