Any chance the head of the HSE could come and speak to the MOD?

HMG are pushing for a relaxation of regulatory burdens on private industry.

See Consultation on Enforcement Strategy | Policies | BIS

Having read this consultation, it does amuse and frustrate me in equal measure that the Army/MoD self regulate to a level that the HSE and other regulators would be laughed out of court if they tried to apply it to a business.

The complexity of the internal regulations is in itself a burden. On a recent course we had to look at for armoury security and ended up cross referencing about a dozen LANDSO's, JSP's and Regs. Why not one comprehensive document for something as fundamental as this?

I can't escape from the thought that much of this is to provide civil servants and, I am afraid, soldiers with a nice comfortable berth putting up umbrellas when it is not even drizzling.

It would be interesting to see what the financial burden is.

And all this from someone who's civvie job is in a regulatory service!

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